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Becoming One

The Becoming One Bible Study, Leader’s Guide, and companion book offer a guide for unifying Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua (Jesus) into the “One New Man” of Ephesians 2:15. “Jewish/Gentile” is not what typically comes to mind when unity is mentioned. For most believers, this is unfamiliar territory. Hopefully, after catching the vision of the One New Man and understanding how important this particular form of unity is to God and His kingdom, you will follow the path before you. Your heart and life will be further molded to Yeshua (Jesus), you will yield the fruit of obedience, and your congregation’s impact will be magnified.

Please note that the authors of this study are Gentile (Ed) and Jewish (Jack). We believe the Lord has brought us together to live out the oneness we are attempting to describe. Despite the few theological differences we joke about, we have indeed experienced an incredible oneness as brothers in Yeshua. We hope this gives further credibility to this study and models the unity this study seeks to attain in the lives of our readers.

About the Study

The study you have before you is a very special one.  It is the only one I know of that leads Jew and Gentile on a journey of discovery concerning the real meaning of the “One New Man.” It addresses some crucial questions. What is unity without uniformity? How can there be Christian Churches and Messianic Congregations in One Body of the Messiah? What is the Bible’s teaching on Jewish destiny and the Jewish disciple of Yeshua?

Jack Jacobs and Ed Rodgers have given us enough food for thought to allow us to come to our own conclusions. Their perspective is mature and not dogmatic.

I would like to see this study widely used as a tool in God’s purpose for the restoration of the Church and Israel.

–Daniel Juster, Th. D., Director of Tikkun International and first President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

These are some of the questions answered in the “Becoming One” series:

• How important is it to God that Jewish and Gentile believers become united?

• Why should Christians care about believing Jews?

• Why has the Church been so slow to understand God’s heart on this matter?

• What does the unification of believing Jews and Gentiles have to do with fulfilling the Great Commission?

• What is the “One New Man” of Ephesians 2:15 all about?

• Why don’t messianic congregations refer to themselves as “churches?”

• What are some of the current roadblocks hindering unification?

• What are the most significant current “movements” focusing on uniting Jewish and Gentile believers?

• What are some churches and messianic congregations doing to foster this unification?

• Why do believing Jews and Gentile Christians view the Law so differently?


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