100. Islam's "Scientific Advances"

This issue examines the “scientific advancements” of Islam.


Part of President Obama”s “Reeducating Campaign” regarding Islam and America has been his touting of the great advances Islamic thought has brought to our civilization. Let”s take a closer look at this by examining how Islamic “scientists” treated the Black Death during the 14th Century. To be good Muslims, they had to believe that Allah controlled everything, doing as he pleases with the world. Seeking naturalistic explanations for physical processes was thus inappropriate and senseless. To search for natural laws was blasphemous because it denied Allah”s freedom to govern the universe

as he willed. Any Muslim philosopher who in any way questioned the teachings of the Qur”an or Islam in general was considered an infidel. This same idea was carried over into science.
Muslim scientists had no choice but to believe that since Allah controlled all things, he alone was responsible for spreading diseases. The Arabs had believed in contagion before Islam, but now they “knew better.” Muslim physicians who believed that the plague was contagious risked imprisonment and death. Can you see why real scientific advances in the Islamic world were impossible?

This little bit of historical insight perfectly exemplifies that ideas have consequences, and the consequences of ideas that deny truth can be deadly. The path to truth, however, brings life and real advancement. The list below shows the practical results of a Christian worldview (as opposed to a Muslim worldview). It presents a partial list of the founders of various branches of science who were Bible-believing Christians (and creationists).

Antiseptic surgery, Joseph Lister
Bacteriology, Louis Pasteur
Calculus, Isaac Newton
Celestial Mechanics, Johannes Kepler
Chemistry, Robert Boyle
Comparative Anatomy, George Cuvier
Computer Science, Charles Babbage
Dimensional Analysis, Lord Rayleigh
Dynamics, Isaac Newton
Electronics, John Ambrose Fleming
Electrodynamics, James Clerk Maxwell
Electromagnetics, Michael Faraday
Energetics, Lord Kelvin
Entomology of Living Insects, Henri Fabre
Field Theory, Michael Faraday
Fluid Mechanics, George Stokes
Galactic Astronomy, Sir William Herschel
Gas Dynamics, Robert Boyle
Genetics, Gregor Mendel
Glacial Geology, Louiz Agassiz
Gynecology, James Simpson
Hydrography, Matthew Maury
Hydrostatics, Blaise Pascal
Ichthyology, Louis Agassiz
Isotopic Chemistry, William Ramsey
Model Analysis, Lord Rayleigh
Natural History, John Ray
Non-Euclidean Geometry, Bernard Riemann
Oceanography, Matthew Maury
Optical Mineralogy, David Brewster

So, should we be listening to today”s Christian scientists or dismissing them as being unscientific? The object of ridicule isn”t being limited to Christians. Even the proponents of intelligent design, those scientists who have not espoused the Christian world view, have come under attack despite the overwhelming evidence they present to defend their case. Ben Stein”s movie and DVD “Uncensored” reveals the war that is being waged over truth at the upper levels of academia. I highly recommend it. I hope you truly become a truth seeker, open to wherever it may be found.

The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it”s still on the list.

Why is negotiating with Muslim leaders a bad idea? Listen to an interview I did with TruNews not long ago.

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