101. What Holds the Universe Together?

This issue answers the question “What holds the universe together?”


Ever wonder what keeps everything from flying apart? Considering the amount of motion that goes on at the tiny molecular level and at the giant inter-galactic level, isn’t it amazing that everything stays right where it needs to be to guarantee its existence? Scientific laws may explain what we have observed, but they fail to explain the cause.  Clearly, there is amazing order in the universe. Until recently, scientists have been unable to offer any intellectually satisfying hypotheses to explain what holds everything together.

That all changed with the recent discovery of the protein molecule which has been called laminin. Through scientific investigation, researchers have discovered that this molecule exists for the sole purpose of holding everything together. It holds our skin together. It holds every cell in our body together. In fact, it has been described as the “re-bar” that holds everything in the universe together. Here’s where it really gets interesting. Great magnification reveals its shape-a cross! Take some time and research this. You will be amazed. Google “laminin” or go click here.


The major problem I have with most scientists today is that they refuse to look beyond the “observable environment” to find answers. This makes the Bible off limits to them. A truly scientific approach would be to search for truth wherever it may be found, not limiting it to some arbitrary box that is limited by the level of one’s understanding. To show the fallacy of this approach, imagine a circle that represents all knowledge of everything in the universe and beyond. Now, mentally fill in the amount of that circle that represents your knowledge. For me, it would be no more than a tiny dot. Would the scientist’s dot be any larger? Probably not.

Had any scientist taken one particular verse in the Bible as truth, he (or she) may have discovered the laminin molecule long ago. Colossians 1:17 says simply that in Him [Christ] all things hold together. There it is in black and white. The Bible plainly states that the “force” that holds everything together in the entire universe is the person of Jesus Christ. Instead of believing that God is sitting back watching the scientific laws do their thing, we now know that Christ is active in keeping the universe from “falling apart.” Remember the shape of the molecule? It’s a cross. Wow! It makes you wonder what other scientific truth has already been spelled out for us. I hope this discovery transforms your personal Bible reading into the adventure God intended.

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  • Jacqueline Evancho Says:

    I would like to see something more about this. You captured my attention and hope I will see more from you here.

  • Andy Richardson Says:

    Hi Ed, Nice blog!
    I just finished reading a book called Refuting Evolution, and one of the ideas shared in that book follows a similar line of thinking. In science, you must first establish a model, or theory, and then use the facts around you to then determine whether the facts fit the model. This is true for Biblical Creationism as well as Secular Evolutionism. Every historical fact or data that is discovered fits well into the Biblical Creation model, while the Evolution model has many problems. But, because they start with the evolution model, they try to force the pieces to fit anyway, like a square peg in a round hole… Andy

  • Ed Rodgers Says:

    You’re so right. Start with a faulty hypothesis and you’ll never find the truth. Thanks for joining our “family.” I’ve been blessed with many fantastic readers. God’s doing something great here!

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    I look forward to seeing you back soon.

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