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12. Israel Prepares for War

This issue looks at the final factor in Jerusalem's significance, Israel's preparations for war, Iran's nuclear future, another reason why Muslim leaders can' t be trusted, the reason for the judgment of the nations, and a tip for writing numbers properly.


The Significance of Jerusalem

To add another dimension to the importance of this city, consider what God says in Isaiah 62. He begins by talking about Jerusalem (verse 1) and soon reveals that in the future Millennial Kingdom, Jesus will actually be “married to the land” (verse 4). The Church (body of believers) will be married to our Lord, but in some way, so will all that Jerusalem represents-all that was promised to the descendants of Abraham. It's no wonder Jerusalem will be “ground zero” for the activities of the Antichrist.

Hopefully, this brief overview from the past few editions has shown that Jerusalem is at the center of God's heart. It is an earthly version of a heavenly city with foundations whose architect and builder is God. The city in the middle of current events represents the foundation of something greater. It testifies of Jesus, the coming King. I know of no other city for which God commands us to pray because no other city is so much more than just a city. These are all reasons why Jerusalem is at the heart of the current Middle East conflict.

Jerry Golden reports  

During the first week of June, in preparation for war on at least three fronts,¬†Israel had the¬†largest civil defense drill in its history. They needed to know how Israel would function in the event of simultaneous missile strikes from Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran and Hamas, while also fighting “Palestinian” terrorist's attacks from the Arab population. The name of this exercise was¬†called Turning Point 3.¬†The exercise was partly in response to¬†Bashar Assad's (Syria) statements that if Israel won't give up the land, then it is war, not peace. Hezbollah and Hamas have been re-armed by Iran, and with the Islamic mindset that committing suicide is the greatest way to honor their god, Allah, I'd say we are on the verge of an all out war like Israel has never seen in its history.



Daniel Pipes reports

One thing is certain: there is no shortage of experts and journalists with crystal balls predicting the future.  But for people who care about Israel, Jerusalem, and a nuclear Iran, you can be confident that no matter how this drama plays out there will not be a change in Iran's nuclear program.  Iran will continue its nuclear program and continue to support terrorists who are at war with Israel and the United States.  As we have shown, the main opposition leader is committed to the same foreign policy as the current President.

Understanding Islam
We previously looked at Kitman and Taqiyya, two Muslim doctrines that command lying to conceal one's true intentions. This edition sheds light on Hudna, an Arabic term for a truce meant to produce a period of calm with an enemy in order to gain concessions, regroup, rearm, and re-attack at the appropriate time. This has been its purpose throughout Muslim history. Based on Islam's understanding of Mohammed's use of it, a Hudna could last as long as ten years.

Arafat relied on the term when he spoke about his commitment to the Oslo Peace Accords at a Johannesburg mosque a month after the signing. Not realizing that he was being taped, he boasted that the Accords were merely a way to facilitate his Jihad against Israel.

These terms are common knowledge within Islam, but the West, for some reason, prefers to stay oblivious to these tactics. Despite the fact that appeasement has never worked throughout history, at some time in the near future, our president will likely be suckered into an agreement that our enemy has no intention of keeping.


We know that when Christ returns, He will judge the nations, but for what reason?¬†Contrary to popular opinion, it's not their rejection of the gospel.That's covered individually at the Great White Throne Judgment. This judgment will be based on each nation's treatment of Israel. In case you haven't noticed, every time our nation has participated in any Israeli “land for peace” proposal, or conducted talks with Israel's enemies, we have been hit with a “natural” disaster. I shudder to think what will happen if Jerusalem, through American initiatives, comes under Islamic control.

Since we know how the “story” ends, we know that God will bring Israel through the water, the rivers, and the fire that await her (Isaiah 43:2). It won't be pretty, but restoration is assured. America, however, is another story. We have no such assurance. Our survival is at stake. We must pray like there's no tomorrow. (There may not be.) We must passionately pursue personal¬†holiness. And we must not participate in the evil deeds of darkness, but instead, expose them (Eph. 5:11), before it's too late.

I need your help in this endeavor. My ministry is to help educate and equip the Church regarding our obligations to Israel and to keep America from self-destructing. I do this primarily through my books and speaking engagements. If you have any contacts within a church that needs to hear generic prescription viagra what you read weekly in my newsletters and blogs, please direct them to my website. If you haven't read any of my books, check them out and consider giving one as a gift.



Writing Numbers

Do not begin sentences with a numeral. A number opening a sentence should be spelled out, or the sentence should be reworded.

Wrong: $36,000 was the amount of the debt.

Right: The amount of the debt was $36,000.


Wrong: 1941 saw our entry into the war.

Right: The year 1941 saw our entry into the war.

The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his massive girth from too much pi.


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