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126. Palestinian Firefighters Help Israel

This edition looks at the latest evidence of Obama”s deceptive dealings with Israel, aid from Palestinian firefighters, the prospect of “Frankenbombers,” and Palestinian leaders” rejection of peace with Israel.


Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
After weeks of intense pressure from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration that was so strong it was described by some observers as “blackmail,” the Israeli government finally agreed to a limited settlement freeze to restart the stalled Middle East peace talks. Before resuming the freeze, however, Jerusalem asked the US government to put their promises to Israel of what they would receive in return in writing.

The Obama Administration refused! There is only one possible reason to refuse to put promises in writing…if you don”t intend to keep the promises and don”t want to be publicly embarrassed when you break them. This is a clear and sobering statement of the current president”s plans and attitude toward Israel.

David Zauber reports
Regarding the recent fires which are finally out, countries which sent firefighting aircraft, firefighters and equipment to assist Israel in extinguishing the wildfire on the Carmel mountain range include Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Jordan, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and US, plus 21 Palestinian firefighters from Bethlehem. The two Palestinian firetruck units from Bethlehem made the three-hour journey north to Haifa on Saturday to offer their assistance. “We hope that we will have a major role in fighting the fire and in the humanitarian effort on Mount Carmel,” a

Palestinian firefighter from the Bethlehem Civil Defense team told Channel 10 TV. “It”s, like, peace.” Other Palestinian firefighters from Bethlehem expressed similar sentiments and added that they were sure Israel would assist them in fighting a fire in the Palestinian areas.


Nydailynews.com reports
Jihadis bent on concocting a “new kind of terrorism” are brainstorming how to surgically implant explosives to make undetectable “Frankenbombers.” What is your opinion about surgeries through which I can implant the bomb …inside the operative”s body?” an apparent mad surgeon recently asked an online forum used by Al Qaeda affiliates. He called on bombmakers and doctors to cook up the perfect solution to murder “larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.”

Isrelate reports
Recent declarations by the ruling Palestinian Fatah party prove that the Palestinians don”t want peace. Until the Palestinians accept the state of Israel, President Obama is wasting his time trying force a peace in the Middle East… As you know, the media have had a field day reporting on the infamous classified cables published last week by Wikileaks, many of which make Israel look like one of the good guys. After all, these leaks reveal that:

• It”s not only Israeli leaders who compare Iran”s Ahmadinejad to Hitler: U.S. diplomats and Arab leaders also use the Hitler analogy when warning about the dangers of appeasing Iran
• Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek is more worried about Hamas than about Israel and is staunchly opposed to Iran”s increasing influence in the Middle East
• While Israel is deeply worried about Iran”s acquisition of nuclear weapons, it”s the Arabs who have been begging the U.S. to “cut off the head of the snake” militarily
• Turkey”s Prime Minister

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is, according to U.S. diplomats, not anti-Israel based on Turkey”s domestic politics or even geo-political concerns, but rather on a personal, visceral hatred of Israel.

But what”s really surprised me is the media”s nearly complete neglect of a momentous story that should have broken last week, following the Palestinian ruling Fatah party”s Fifth Revolutionary Council: At this event, Fatah leaders said “No!” to nearly every fundamental issue necessary to ensure Israel”s security and a Middle East peace:

• No recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation
• No compromise on the return of refugees (actually the progeny of refugees following Israel”s war of independence 63 years ago)
• No compromise on borders: All Israeli communities east of the 1967 cease-fire lines must be expelled

Unfortunately—outrageously—the world press has not covered these facts and events.


The economy is so bad that a picture is now worth 200 words.



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