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129. Obama Presses to Push S.T.A.R.T.

This edition looks at Shariah law and anti-Semitism in Britain, Canada”s continued support for Israel, a possible Israeli military strike against Iran, Islamic intimidation in the U.S. and Obama”s pressure to push S.T.A.R.T.


ActforIsrael.org reports
Sharia law is alive and growing in Britain, according to a recent BBC report. They found 40 schools teaching Sharia law to students, along with anti-Semitic

and anti Zionist rhetoric. Besides advocating death for sodomy and cutting off hands for theft, these schools are teaching students hate, starting with six year old students.

Recent statements by both British and Canadian officials show just how distant perspectives about Israel can be. In the UK, where “Mohammed” is now the most popular name for boys, Jenny Tonge, a member of the House of Lords, claimed that “Israel”s treatment of Palestinians is the root cause of terrorism worldwide.” Tonge, a lifelong anti-Israel activist, went on to criticize British support of Israel and the “pro Israel lobby” she claims is fomenting hate among UK and US politicians. Rightfully, her party distanced themselves from her comments.

At the same time, Stephen Harper, PM of Canada — a country still holding the Queen of England as its head of state — publicly bashed anti-Israel sentiment and strongly supported Israel by saying; “When Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand.” Now, Harper is under fire for his strong pro-Israel stance.


Joel Rosenberg reports
People have asked me: “Will Israel launch a preemptive military strike against Iran to stop the current regime from building nuclear weapons, and if so, how soon?” It”s an important question. Here”s where I think we are. As we end 2010, my sense is that the casino online Stuxnet computer virus which has infected more than 30,000 Iranian computers and brought Iranian enrichment of uranium almost to a standstill for the time being, the recent assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist, the near assassination of another top Iranian nuclear scientist, and new economic sanctions are all having a significant impact. Anything is possible, of course, but some experts I”m talking to believe that there is a little more breathing room, and an Israeli strike would be generally unlikely before the fall of 2011, at the earliest. The Iranian threat remains very real. But some progress has been made against Iran this fall, and for this we should thank the Lord and the hard work of U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies.

Jay Sekulow reports
Since when did America”s colleges and universities become subject to Islamic authority? Professor Barry Sommer was prepared to teach a winter term class called “”What is Islam?”” next month- a full and complete look at Islam… this class was designed to introduce students primarily to the Qur”an and other viewpoints on Islam in a world where terrorism is a constant threat. Before he could begin teaching, the class was cancelled and Mr. Sommer was fired due to pressure from the terrorism-related group, CAIR- an Islamic organization that the United States has labeled a “”co-conspirator”” in a major terrorism case with links to Hamas.

ConservativeActionAlerts reports
Obama is pressuring the lame duck Senate to ratify his secretive, dangerous Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia BEFORE CHRISTMAS—but the United States is the only one doing any “reduction!” The new S.T.A.R.T. requires America to strip our nuclear arsenal by 33% and makes Russia the dominant nuclear power! Other than America”s national security, what did Obama trade away in order to make a deal with the Russians? We don”t know, because he won”t tell us. The Senate has asked for the full negotiating record, but the White House refuses to release it.


The economy is so bad that I bought a toaster and got a bank as a free gift.


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  • Monex Says:

    Israelis are making too much fuss of Joe Biden s recent interview in which he stated that Israel as a sovereign nation is entitled to take any course of action against Iran. Neither does it necessarily change the US position the vice president is unable to say that Israel must toe the American line barred from defending herself. Any true green light for an Israeli attack would have come privately rather than being broadcast on ABC.

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