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13. No more "Natural Growth"

This issue looks at Obama's plans for Jerusalem and “natural growth” in Israel, his latest pressure on Israel, good news from Iraq, contradictions in the Qur'an, and a tip for writing time of day properly.


One Jerusalem reports
Recently, Obama's favorite think tank, The Center for American Progress, issued a report detailing Obama's determination to take Jerusalem from the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

The studies premise is that the Old City of Jerusalem is a problem. This means that the State of Israel must give up control of the Old City. The Chip cialis Center's report focuses on what entity should replace the State of Israel as the administrator of the Old City, i.e. The Temple Mount, Churches, etc.  It does not entertain the idea that Israel should continue in this role. It also fails to acknowledge that since the State of Israel wrested control of the Old City, it has been secure and open to all people. This reality was certainly not the case from 1948 to 1967 when Jewish population was forcefully ejected from the Old City and its synagogues and schools destroyed.

In other words Obama begins with the premise that the current successful situation must be replaced to satisfy the Palestinians. The plan they highlight creates a third party administrator of the Old City. This, of course, will be a failed experiment. Israeli security will be replaced by some international body: The Anti-Israel United Nations? 

 Jerry Golden reports
¬†Now we have Obama saying that Jews are no longer permitted to have any “natural growth” in their communities in Judea and Samaria. They are to leave and give up their God-given right to be there. Past agreements, however, clearly say that Israel has the right to build and expand in Judea and Samaria.¬† God forbid that he is saying Jews no longer can have children and if they do, the children must move when they are grown.
It's as if the “Palestinians” have come to the conclusion that the best way to destroy Israel is not by military might (they have tried that several times and lost more land every time) but by lies and deceit in the New World Order (CFR) controlled News Media. Instead, they have turned there attention to destroying the USA and it would seem they are on track with their time schedule.
In the meantime, Obama is holding up the sale of F-22s along with other important military aid needed in Israel.


Mike Evans reports
Thursday, I received a call from a top government intelligence expert. He told me that Hezbollah cells are in the U.S. and are planning major terrorist attacks if Israel destroys Iran's nuclear reactors. He said Iran wants to kill millions of Jews with the bomb thinking it will usher in the Mahdi (the Muslim Messiah). He said President Obama knows it and is pressuring Israel NOT to attack. Iran will have the bomb in 12 to 18 months if they are not stopped.
Joel Rosenberg reports 
In May the Kurdish government of Iraq gave permission for a Christian radio station that The Joshua Fund helped finance to officially begin broadcast operations. The establishment of such a station owned and operated by Iraqi followers of Jesus Christ is really an historic development in the history of Christianity in the land once called Babylonia, and we are deeply grateful for your prayerful and financial support in making this happen.

Understanding Islam
¬†Anyone who has tried to read the Qur'an is struck with the vast number of blatant contradictions, especially concerning peace and violence. To cover over these”apparent inconsistencies,” Islam has a hermeneutical rule called Nasekh that overrides the tolerant and peaceful verses that Islam considers obsolete–Mansookh. In short, the newer revelations cancel out the older ones. Muslim apologists will try to deny this, but if this “law of abrogation” doesn't exist, why are Muslims not permitted to drink wine while the Qur'an allows it? The reality is that every Muslim is taught from his youth that this is an abrogated verse.
A reminder
My ministry is to help educate and equip the Church regarding our obligations to Israel and to keep America from self-destructing. I do this primarily through my books and speaking engagements. If you have any contacts within a church that needs to hear what you read weekly in my newsletters and blogs, please direct them to my website. If you haven't read any of my books, check them out and consider giving one as a gift.
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Writing Time of day
Whenever the expression is simple, it is usually better to express time of day in words.
five o'clock
twelve noon
quarter to three
half past one
For exact time use numerals including A.M. or P.M.
12:00 M. (noon)
12:00 P.M. (midnight)
The meeting will take place at 5:00 P.M.

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