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149. Rachel's Tomb Declared a Mosque

This issue looks at the world”s latest attempts to delegitimize Israel.





First, the Holocaust never happened, and now Rachel”s Tomb is

a mosque and the Western Wall is a Muslim landmark. The history of Rachel”s tomb in Bethlehem is clearly spelled out in the Bible as well as secular historical accounts. Rachel, by the way, was Jacob”s wife and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She was buried in the tomb more than 2300 years before the birth of Islam. Muslims living in Israel have historically referred to Rachel”s Tomb as “Kubat Rahel,” the Arabic term for “Rachel”s Tomb.” While the Ottoman Turks controlled the region from 1517 to 1917, it was considered a Jewish site. In 1996, however, the Palestinian Authority (PA), started calling it a mosque. Now, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) agrees, officially voting that it is, indeed, a mosque. We really shouldn”t be surprised. The U.N. is known for falling in line with whatever the PA wants, especially when it is at Israel”s expense. Read more about mosques.

The PA has also recently claimed that Israel has no claim to the Western Wall, the most sacred site for religious Jews. A “study” prepared by Al-Mutawekel Taha, a senior official in the PA, claims that the Western Wall is Waqf property owned by an Algerian-Moroccan Muslim family. It also claims that not one stone in the wall can be traced to the era of King Solomon and that the wall was never part of the so-called Temple Mount. According to the PA Muslim tolerance has permitted Jews to stand at its base, weep, and pray.  







It never ceases to amaze me just how audacious Muslim claims can be. They seem to be so emboldened by the world”s Top UK Casinos acquiescence that they can attempt to rewrite history at will. Look for example at the claim of Muslim tolerance in allowing Jews access to the Wall. In addition to the absurdity of “Muslim tolerance” in general, the fact is that all of Jerusalem is under Israeli control. Israel has allowed Muslims access to the Dome of the Rock and the mosque on the Temple Mount in an attempt to appease Muslims and keep whatever peace is possible. Israel has the right to kick the Muslims off the Temple Mount any time she wishes. That, of course, is unlikely.


The U.N. can be expected to fall in line with PA claims, regardless of how absurd they may be. It probably won”t be long before the U.N. votes on the Western Wall, too. It”s part of an overall strategy to delegitimize Israel to the rest of the world. As I have reported, plans are underway to declare and recognize a Palestinian State by September, regardless of any “official vote” or Israel”s wishes. Stop and think for a moment, what that would do for the region. In the first place, Israel cannot be expected to accept this without a fight. In addition, think about the friction within the Palestinian “community.” The Fatah political party of Mahmoud Abbas supposedly controls the West Bank area (Judea and Samaria), but the militant Hamas party controls the Gaza territory. Fatah and Hamas leaders have not agreed to work together, and both would be fighting each other for leadership and control of such a Palestinian state. Even if Abbas wanted to make peace with Israel, he certainly lacks the authority and the credibility. Chaos would reign supreme.


Let”s take a step back for a moment. Do you ever wonder why the world hates Israel so much? I know of no other time in history when so many nations have ganged up on one tiny nation and made so many unilateral

demands. What we”re seeing is Satan”s last ditch efforts to destroy the only nation formed and ordained by Almighty God. It”s part of the battle that has been going on ever since Satan fell from heaven. Satan wants to destroy God and everything that represents Him. If Israel can be destroyed, God”s promises to protect her become null and void, and His reputation is shattered. Satan, however, fails to understand that God will neither be defeated nor mocked. He will have the last word. Read Psalm 2 to see His perspective on this.









“Do not machine wash or tumble dry” means I will never wash this – ever.


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  • Dee Says:

    I just can’t wait until the day the Lord returns and eveyone will see how much He loves Israel. I just can’t understand how so many people can be so blind to the truth. I don’t know where all the Christians are (other than you) who won’t speak out against the Muslim movement. I know most everyone doesn’t understand the time line about when the Muslim faith came into play and I am very grateful that you and others are out there educating us but come on people. The more we learn the more we need to stand up for the truth. I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of those who don’t know the Lord and stand against Him in those last days. God help us to stand strong until the end.

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