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24. Obama may de-nuke Israel

This issue examines what Barak Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and recent UN speech may mean for Israel. It also looks at the UN's War Crimes charges against Israel, Obama's efforts to improve relations with every nation except Israel, and gives the rules for capitalizing titles for government officials.


Earl Cox Reports
Friday's announcement that U.S. President Barak Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is another devastating blow to the small State of Israel in her battle to protect Israelis from an Iranian nuclear attack. It is a clear and obvious way to silence Obama from supporting an Israeli attack against Ahmadinejad and his terrorist regime. This award to Obama has, in effect, bound and cuffed Obama's hands.  How can the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize support a war? This announcement today is a revelation of serious events yet to come. The next step to further cripple America will be for OPEC to change the USD (US dollar) to the EURO as the standard for purchasing oil.  When this happens, it will further tailspin the United States closer to bankruptcy. 

Here are some of Joel Chernoff's (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) thoughts regarding Obama's UN speech outlining his plans to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and eventually eliminate them by giving more power to the UN's IAEA.
In all fairness, how can the US insist on non-proliferation and elimination of nuclear weapons when the US has more nukes than any other nation. President Obama knows this, so he is determined  to lead by example and reduce our nuclear capabilities, unilaterally if necessary, to demonstrate his sincerity. In other words he will try to convince the world that he/the US means business and that Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India etc. should do the same.

Our Arab/Moslem brothers know that these are not empty words and have seized on a new strategy to weaken Israel. They have begun to confront Obama with an argument that goes like this: We will stop the pursuit of nuclear weapons on the condition that Israel is forced to reveal the true extent of her nuclear arsenal, destroy her nuclear weapons, join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and agree to IAEA inspections. If they can persuade the US President to accomplish Israel's nuclear disarmament then they would have succeeded in weakening the Jewish state to such an extent as to make Israel a very tempting target for an all out conventional war where the numbers are clearly in the Arab nations favor.



Even the liberal Washington Post recently observed:
One of the more striking results of the Obama administration's first 6 months is that only one country has worse relations with the United States than it did in January: Israel. The new administration has pushed the reset button with Russia and sent new ambassadors to Syria and Venezuela; it has offered olive branches to Cuba and Burma. But for nearly three months it has been locked in a public confrontation with Israel…if he is to be effective in brokering a peace deal, Mr. Obama must be tough on more than one country, or one party to the conflict.
UN Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes
It is no surprise that the 575 page UN Goldstone Commission Report investigating war crimes committed during the Gaza War harshly and unjustly accuses Israel's Army of committing war crimes.For the past 40 years, most actions coming out of the UN are heavily influenced by the Moslem and African bloc of third world nations which have been consistently hostile and anti-Israel. This report is no different.

Despite the fact that Israel absorbed over 8000 rockets in its southern cities over a period of years before attacking Gaza, and despite the fact that Israel gave the Palestinians control of Gaza and forced their own people out for the sake of peace only to see Gaza turned into an armed terrorist camp bent on Israel's destruction, the UN Goldstone Report conveniently ignores these realities and reserves its harshest criticisms for Israel.

When to Capitalize Titles of Government Officials 
Cap President and Vice President when referring to the incumbent or when preceding the name of an individual. Lowercase presidency, presidential, vice-presidency, vice-presidential. All other civil and noble titles should be lowercase unless preceding the name of the individual.
secretary of state, attorney general, senator, emperor
Exception: Chief Justice, of the Supreme Court    

They hold elections in November because it's the best time for picking out a turkey.


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