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68. Israel's Missile Defense

This mid-week edition looks at Israel”s unique anti-missile system and the implications of an attack against her.


Israel has developed a laser anti-missile system that

they have called the Nautilus. When Iran, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Syria all launch their missiles at once, this system will enable Israel, through specially-equipped planes, not only to defend itself, but to take out the missiles before they ever reach Israel. If an Iranian nuclear-tipped missile is on its way to Tel Aviv, it will be detonated about 30 or 40 miles from the Israeli border over Syria. What”s around 35 miles east of the Israeli border? Damascus. Consequently, if Iran attacked Israel, it would end up nuking Damascus. By the way, if you think Saudi Arabia is incapable of launching a nuclear warhead, think again. The Israelis know the Saudis have Pakistani warheads on Chinese missiles. The list of Middle Eastern countries with nuclear capabilities, however primitive, is lengthy.

Back to the Nautilus. The drawback of buy online genuine pfizer viagra the system is that it doesn”t work well in cloudy weather. When is it usually cloudy in Israel? In the winter. This is Israel”s rainy season. Speaking of the Jews during the Tribulation period, Jesus said, “But pray that your flight may not be in winter or on a Sabbath.” Is there a connection here? Only God knows.


If any or all of the five Muslim nations with nuclear-tipped missiles know of the Nautilus and its limitations, the smart money would be on a winter attack. History, however, reveals many mysterious (some would say “supernatural”) occurrences during Israel”s previous wars. God can remove the clouds any time He desires. In fact, He can do anything at any time. The Bible is full of examples of Israel”s enemies destroying themselves or destroying each other while Israel stood by and watched. I find it amazing that tiny little Israel, vastly outnumbered and surrounded by her enemies, has not only survived, but has become the most advanced and prosperous nation in the region. Bible prophecy makes it clear that Israel will never be annihilated. God will protect her and His land. She will go through some difficult times, but the final chapter has been written for us. We all must make sure that we are on the right side in this battle.

Oak trees don”t produce acorns until they are fifty years old..

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