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70. Shariah like Camel & Arab

This mid-week edition looks at Shariah law as an example of the camel and Arab story.


The Camel and the Arab

camel and arab
In the Middle East, the story of the camel and the Arab is well known. An Arab was making a long trip across the desert. During the day the heat can be scorching, but at night it can be bitter cold. On one especially cold night, the Arab was in his nice warm tent where some embers kept him warm. As the man began to go to sleep, he noticed a large camel nose sticking under his tent.
“Camel,” he said, “why is your nose in my tent?”
“O Master,” he replied, “it’s so cold out here, and if only my nose were warm, then I could have a good night’s sleep.”
The Arab thought it over and allowed him to keep his nose in the tent. A little later the man awoke and saw that the camel now had his whole head in the tent.
“What are you doing, Camel? You said you only wanted your nose in the tent.”
“O Master, you just do not know how cold it is out here, and if my head is in the tent, then I will be satisfied.”
After thinking it over, the Arab agreed and went back to sleep. Once again he was awakened, this time to find that the camel had his head, neck and two feet in the tent.¬† “Camel, this is too much. You must stop.”
“O Master, now I am really comfortable. I can sleep the whole night through.”
“OK,” said the Arab, “but this is the last time.”
Later in the night the Arab awakened to discover that the tent was now full with the whole body of the camel inside, and the Arab had little room.
“Camel!” he shouted. “What are you doing?”
“Get out of my tent you stupid Arab,” was the camel’s reply.

This story should seem familiar. Most of us haven’t heard it told quite like this, but we’re seeing it acted out over and over right before our eyes. It’s the basic Muslim approach. Ask for a little, then a little more, then a little more. If you keep getting, keep asking. When you stop getting, stop asking and start taking. It’s especially evident with Shariah law. Get a few concessions here, then a few there. Eventually, Shariah will be the law of the land and they will have won without a fight.



A duck’s quack doesn’t echo. No one knows why.

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