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76. Why the World Hates the Jews

This edition looks at why the world hates the Jews so much.


Why does the world hate the Jews so much?
The world hates them because they are the irrefutable evidence of the truth and existence of God. Satan hates them because they are a holy people to the Lord. God has chosen them to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples of the earth. Despite their disobedience and sinfulness, God, like a doting father, still loves His covenant people. Nothing has changed. He will never abandon them. He has given His word on that:
For the Lord will not abandon His people on account of His great name, because the Lord has been blessed to make you a people for Himself
(1 Samuel 12:22).
If God had abandoned the Jewish people as some claim, the world would have no reason to continue to hate them. It is precisely because of His steadfast and continuing love for them that the hatred continues to build. The world hates them because Satan hates them and Satan is, according to the Bible, the god of this world. Ever since his fall from heaven, Satan has been on a mission to steal God’s glory for himself and to destroy everything that matters to God. This is why the Jewish people are so high on his “hit list.” God, on the other hand, has used all of history to glorify Himself by demonstrating that He alone is sovereign in the universe.


Christians are obligated to love and fight for these people who are so precious in God’s sight. The relationship of the Church to the Jewish people is similar to the relationship between Sam and Frodo in “Lord of the Rings.” Frodo’s mission was to reach that final “destination” where he could pitch the ring and be free from its power. Sam’s role was to help him get there. Likewise, the Church has the role of helping the Jewish people to reach their appointed destiny and to usher in the time of restoration of all things when the kingdom will be restored to them. We must be an encouragement to them, assuring them that God will not abandon them.
To the Jewish people as a whole, history is full of reasons not to trust Christians. Christians, therefore, must be committed to showing the Jewish people that we really are their friends. They experience the world’s hatred every day. We must be different. This is why I am so impressed with a ministry called Christian Friends of Israel. They are based in Jerusalem and are with the Jewish people for the long haul. They are actively ministering to them, meeting their needs, which are many, and providing love and comfort with nothing expected in return. This approach has earned the respect and appreciation of the Israeli government has resulted in much “spiritual fruit.”

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