90. U.S to Bolster Saudi Arabia's Military

This edition looks at Israel”s latest rocket attack, an anti-missionary conference in Israel, a setback for Israeli Messianics, U.S. sales of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, and a U.S. Security Analysts” report.


Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
At least a dozen rockets and mortars were launched into southern Israeli towns like Ashkelon yesterday [9/15] even as peace negotiations continued in Jerusalem. Hamas terrorists who refuse to even acknowledge Israel”s right to exist also reject peace talks even when all the concessions are being made by Israel. The attack was especially disturbing because a number of the mortar rounds were phosphorous shells which are banned by the Geneva Conventions because of the horrific burn injuries they cause. When these unguided rockets and mortars strike Jewish towns and villages, no place is safe, not even the schools.

 Worthy News reports
Anti-Missionaries from across Israel will be meeting today [Sept. 14] in Jerusalem at the nation”s largest conference center to discuss the growing problem of “missionaries” in Israel.
David Zauber reports
Messianic Jews in Israel recently lost an important case that has emboldened Orthodox Jews against them. The judge finally ruled on a case dating back to a 2005 demonstration outside the Nachalat Yeshua congregation”s building in Beer Sheva. This Messianic community filed suit, complaining that the demonstrators had disturbed the peace, disturbed the Messianic community, and had caused injury and damage to the people and their property. The ruling said that no proof existed that the city”s rabbi or any of the Yad L”Achim organizers were connected to the event. The judge blamed a newspaper article for inciting the violence. The problem is that the article was written after the event.


The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
The Obama Administration is preparing to notify Congress of its intent to sell $60 billion worth of advanced planes, helicopters, and missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia. The announcement kindled fears among pro-Israeli lawmakers that the 40 mg levitra move is intended to pressure Israel to make further concessions to the “peace process.”
This week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the continuing peace talks. The unstated goal of these talks is to lay the groundwork to accomplish President Obama”s plan to divide Jerusalem and force Israel to hand over Judea and Samaria. The President personally promised King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia that he would make this happen in 2011.

Worthy News reports
Iranian State television reported the arrest of nine people on the charge of carrying out evangelism just outside of Hamedan, a well-informed Christian Network reported on Wednesday, September 15.


Recently, Fox News reported on the results of a panel of national security analysts studying the threat of Islam. According to the panel”s findings, America is “under attack” by a non-violent “stealth jihad.” They discovered that Islamic fundamentalists are trying to bring Islamic law known as “Shariah” to the United States. “This form of warfare includes multi-layered cultural subversion, the co-opting of senior leaders, influence operations and propaganda and other means of insinuating Shariah into Western societies,” the study said. The report cited the Muslim Brotherhood as the most influential organization trying to achieve that goal, but expressed concern more about America”s vulnerability than any marquee successes by the so-called “stealth” jihadists. The study urged government to be more vigilant by threatening Shariah-promoting imams with investigation and monitoring the contents of school textbooks.
I don”t know how much these guys were paid, but it was too much. Whoever commissioned the study could have saved a lot of

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