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This issue offers commentary on Obama’s Cairo speech, gives further¬† reasons why Jerusalem must not be divided, reveals Islamic hatred in Saudi schoolbooks, and explains the proper way to write large numbers.


One Jerusalem notes that in his Cairo speech, President Obama¬†expressed his view¬† that Jerusalem is not a free and open city, and bringing freedom to Jerusalem would require action to end Israel’s control of the Holy City. This is one more example of Obama playing foot loose with the facts.
Unfortunately, he has taken official action to back up his words. In legislation passed by Congress to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem, Obama has taken out these words: “My Administration remains committed to beginning the process of moving our embassy to Jerusalem.”

Mike Evans reports:
President Barack Obama greeted the recent Cairo assembly by saying, “assalaamu alaykum.” The question now becomes: Did the President know exactly what he was saying, or did he commit a linguistic faux pas? One Muslim website explains the greeting this way: “When Islam came, Allah prescribed that the manner of greeting among Muslims should be “Assalaamu alaykum” and that this greeting should only be used among Muslims and not for other nations…do not single out anybody out of arrogance or to impress them, but do it to honor the symbols of Islam and to foster Islamic brotherhood.”

Joel Rosenberg reports (concerning Obama’s Cairo speech):
He failed to use the words “terrorist” or “terrorism” and sounded apologetic for America’s role in the Muslim world in recent years. He didn’t explain that Americans have fought to defend the lives of oppressed Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, or in Iraq, or in Afghanistan. He didn’t note that Americans have helped liberate more than 50 million Muslims from totalitarian tyrants just since 2001. This was not simply a missed opportunity. It appeared to be a conscious choice, part of the President’s “apologize for America” tour that he has been making around the world since his inaugural. This was not good; it was offensive.

The Significance of Jerusalem
Beyond the reasons outlined in previous newsletters, the King of this great city chose it as the place where mankind would be redeemed through His death. It was there that He was resurrected, showing God’s acceptance of His final sacrifice. Through this great city and all she had been through, God has allowed the world to become acquainted with her great King. The gospel was spread to the world from this great city, and after her King’s return (Christ’s Second Coming), the fruit of the gospel will return to her. Dividing Jerusalem is tantamount to dividing the gospel. I will explain more of her significance in future newsletters. I cover this topic in detail in my book The Israeli Connection. Click the link to my website.


While President Obama is reassuring the Muslim world that America is not at war with Islam, He appears blind to the fact that Islam is at war with America (and Israel). Consider the following quotes from current Saudi Arabian schoolbooks.

The struggle of this nation [i.e., the Muslim nation] with Jews and Christians goes on, and it will last for ever… Jews and Christians are enemies of the believers [i.e., the Muslims] and it is impossible that they will [ever] be content with the Muslims… Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious against them (Hadith, Grade 9, pp. 148-149).

There is no doubt that the Muslims’ power irritates the infidels and spreads envy in the hearts of Islam’s enemies, namely, Christians, Jews and others. So they conspire against them, gather [their] forces against them, oppress them and seize every opportunity in order to eliminate the Muslims… (Geography of the Muslim World, Grade 8, p. 116).

The Jews are a People who became naturally disposed to treachery and betrayal over the ages. They do not abide by a treaty or conscience…
([Koran] Commentary, Grade 9, Part 1, p. 41).

Now it [Palestine] is occupied by the Jews, a people of treachery and betrayal, who have gathered there from every place… Their end, by God’s will, is perdition (Dictation, Grade 8, Part 1, p. 24).

One of the best deeds is Jihad in God’s cause, and advocating it, for [the purpose of] spreading God’s religion on earth]… (Hadith, Grade 8, p. 44).
There are two happy outcomes for the fighters of Jihad in God’s cause: victory, or martyrdom (Grammar, Grade 10, Part 1, p. 66).

Equally as Disturbing

Perhaps it slipped your notice that President Obama recently signed a White House proclamation officially designating June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride” month.


Writing Large Numbers
In writing round or approximate numbers of thousands, the following forms are recommended:

a thousand (or one thousand)
fifteen hundred
seven thousand
seventy-five hundred

I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.


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    It’s cute you continue to keep faith in Obama. What has been your favorite from him? Ending Gitmo? Slowing down the wars? Ending DADT? Offering a public choice? Pushing cap-n-trad¬≠e? Taxing the nasty rich? Which, so many excellent for the working man possibilities by this talker. So cute are the Obama supporters¬≠/believers¬≠. In his case, words speak louder than actions! LOL