1038. Colonoscopy Journal

Not had a colonoscopy yet? Here’s what you can look forward to. Continue reading

1036 Vatican Shuts Down 6000 Christian Churches in Rwanda

Vatican retaliates after multitudes abandon Catholic Church for the uplifting message of Christian (Protestant) churches in tiny Rwanda Continue reading

1034 Embracing the Righteousness of God

¬†Exchanging our “Filthy Rags” Righteousness for Christ’s Righteousness Continue reading

1032. Does it Glorify God?

Here’s an exercise that will purify your thought life and help you curb your tongue. Continue reading

1030. Jesus our Righteousness

Whose righteousness are you seeking? Continue reading

1028. The Brain Transplant

This helps to explain the high cost of healthcare. Continue reading

1026. The Power of the Gospel

The preaching of the gospel in  its simplicity has more power than you may imagine. Continue reading

1024. The Peace That Passes All Understanding

 How do you stay calm when your world is falling apart? Continue reading

1022. Marital Wisdom from Kids

It’s time to lighten things up again. Continue reading

1020. Clay Servants

The biblical account of the potter and the clay is all about being a faithful servant and moldable clay. Continue reading