1012. Lord, Change Me

Content with your spiritual life? If not, the Lord is ready to answer your prayer to go deeper. Continue reading

1010. Top 20 Islamic Contradictions

Has the irrationality of Islam spread to America? Continue reading

1008. Why Wait?

Opportunities for acts of kindness are everywhere. Continue reading

1006. Why Profiling is a Necessity

A brief look back over the past few decades reveals a pattern that makes profiling a necessity. Continue reading

1004. The Cost of Prosperity

A biblical flashback shows what prosperity can do to an ungrateful nation. Continue reading

1001. Which God?

Which God would you choose? Learn the difference between the god of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible. Continue reading

1000. A Milestone and a Dollar

With a celebration comes a great need at a small cost. Continue reading

999. God Initiates

We are told to seek God, but we’re also told that no one seeks after God. What’s the point? Continue reading

998. Weekly News + Victory through Tragedy

This week’s news plus the value of seeing our circumstances from God’s perspective Continue reading

997. Peace in Israel?

Peace in Israel – what will work and what won’t Continue reading