1065. Understanding HAMAS

Here are the basics of Hamas (from the Clarion Project) that every American needs to know. Continue reading

1064. Salvation God’s Way

Biblical salvation is even more wonderful than you’ve been told. Continue reading

1062. What Does “Poor in Spirit” Mean?

How can being poor in spirit be a good thing? Continue reading

1060. Shariah: Lessons Learned

Experts have studied shariah in America. Some lessons have been learned. Some, ignored. Continue reading

1058. What if My Faith is Small?

Greater faith comes from a step of obedience. Continue reading

1056. Shariah is Unconstitutional

Don’t be fooled by the lies about Shariah Continue reading

1054. Do you Need a Miracle?

Sometimes asking for a miracle isn’t the best solution. Continue reading

1052. Shariah: A Very Real Threat


Shariah: A reincarnation of détente from the 70s? Continue reading

1050. Salvation God’s Way Part 2

Biblical Salvation or Salvation Lite? Continue reading

1048. Salvation God’s Way PART 1

Biblical salvation isn’t what you think. It’s much greater! Continue reading