1112. The Forgotten Purpose of Prayer

God has a purpose for prayer that you may have never considered. Continue reading

1110. The Real Party of Guns

The Democrats are constantly blaming the Republicans for gun violence. Here’s a reality check. Continue reading

1108. The Authority of Revelation

This article is all about how we discover if something is really true. Continue reading

1106. Where are You Going in 2019?

If you are a Christian, what should be your goal for this new year? Continue reading

1104. Follow the Star

Just as the wise men did, we can follow the star today. Discover the gift that awaits you. Continue reading

1102. Christmas: Saved by His Life

Here is an aspect of Christmas that gets far less attention than it should. Continue reading

1100. Key Tenets of Shariah

Don’t know much about Islamic shariah law? Here are the basics. Continue reading

1098. Hallowed be Your Name

 You may be surprised at what the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer really means. Continue reading

1096. Come to Jesus

When your world is falling apart, come to Jesus, especially if you’re already a Christian. Continue reading

1094. Shariah: Key Findings

Key findings of the book, “Shariah—The Threat to America (An Exercise in Competitive Analysis—A Report of Team B II) Continue reading