1360. News + In Jesus’ Name

Weekly news + a fresh look at our flippant use of the phrase “in Jesus’ name” Continue reading

1359. God Knows

When you suffer for doing the right thing, others may not know the truth, but God does. Continue reading

1358. News + Members of One Body

Weekly news +why church membership may be a serious problem Continue reading

1357. God Prepared Beforehand

It’s time to stop dreaming up things to do for God and asking Him to bless them. Continue reading

1356. News + Purging as Pruning

Weekly news + how the pruning of grapevines pictures how Christ will purge His Church. Continue reading

1355. Digging into the Details

A little digging may add great meaning to the Bible passage you are reading. Continue reading

1354. News + Israel’s Hopes for Peace

Weekly news + the only hope for Israel to find peace Continue reading

1353. A Christian Sabbath?

Is the Lord’s day a special or sacred day? Is it the Christian’s Sabbath? Continue reading

1351. The Eighth Beast Kingdom

Who or what is the Eighth Beast Kingdom (Rev. 17:11) when the Antichrist is revealed? Continue reading

1349. The Seventh Beast Empire

We may very well be living in the days when the seventh beast empire described in Revelation 17 is alive and fulfilling biblical prophecy. Continue reading