1283. As We Walk with Jesus

How do we walk with Jesus instead of simply learn about Him? Continue reading

1282. News + ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Part 1

Weekly news + a new series showing how the globalists are using the pandemic and civil unrest to usher in a one-world government Continue reading

1281. So I Send You

When Jesus Sent His Disciples, just how did He send them? Continue reading

1277. Why are You so Afraid?

What is the cause of your debilitating fear, and what is the solution? Continue reading

1275. When God Speaks

When God speaks, we better be listening and ready to respond immediately. Continue reading

1270. Weekly News + Until He Comes

This week’s news + the real meaning of communion: It’s not what we think. Continue reading

1269. Reigning as Kings

There’s a lot more to salvation than being forgiven. Continue reading

1267. Leaving our First Love

What causes some Christians to grow stale in their faith over time? Continue reading

1266. Weekly News + Be Thou Prepared

This week’s news + Christ’s words to His followers regarding how to deal with the evil that has come upon us Continue reading

1264. Weekly News + When Lawlessness Reigns

Weekly news + a great commentary from Wm Newell on the lawlessness in our cities Continue reading