165. An Iranian Port in Syria

This issue looks at Israel”s offer of a temporary Palestinian State, the latest on Galid Shalit, violence against Egyptian Christians, Obama”s latest accusations against Israel, and the new Iranian port in Syria. Continue reading

164. Dire Straits in the Middle-East


issue looks at the dire straits of the Mid-East. Continue reading

163. Muslim Cleric: Obama Not Muslim Enough

This issue looks at a Muslim cleric”s complaint that Obama is not Muslim enough. Continue reading

162. The Obama-Gadhafi Connection

This issue looks at the recent rocket attack on Beersheba, the goal of Israel”s enemies, the Obama-Gadhafi connection, Gadhafi”s confirmation of Obama”s Muslim descent, Farrakhan”s praise of Gadhafi, and a likely new nuclear site in Syria. Continue reading

160. Babylon and God's Supremacy

This issue looks at Babylon and God”s supremacy. Continue reading

159. Muslim Brotherhood Flexes its Muscles

This issue looks at the effects of Arab rage on Israel, the ranting of a Muslim Brotherhood leader against Israel, the dependence of the Egyptian Army on the U.S., the South Sudanese vote for Independence, and the Muslim Brotherhood”s deep roots in the U.S. Continue reading

158. What Next for the Muslim Brotherhood?

This issue looks at “What next for the Muslim Brotherhood?” Continue reading

157. Breaking the System-Conclusion

This issue looks at “Breaking the System” Conclusion. Continue reading

156. Insider Analysis of Egypt's Revolt

This edition examines the U.S.”s role in forcing a Palestinian state upon Israel and an analysis of what really happened in Egypt. The vast array of misinformation out there forced this edition to be longer than usual. Continue reading

155. Breaking the System, Part 4

This issue looks at “Breaking the System” Part 4. Continue reading