1374. News + No Fear of God

Weekly news + the disastrous result of having no fear of God Continue reading

1373. Now That’s a Prayer!

The Apostle Paul’s prayers put our to shame. what was his secret? Continue reading

1372. News + Prepare for Messiah

Weekly news + a Lesson from Zechariah for believers today Continue reading

1371. Sanctified Entirely

To be sanctified so that we can be used by God, we must first consecrate ourselves, but what does this mean? Continue reading

1369. Sanctified then Sent

Be careful before you ask God to send you into the mission field. If He hasn’t sanctified you, you’re not ready. Continue reading

1368. News + Loving our Neighbors

Weekly news + applying agape love to those we really don’t care for Continue reading

1367. Perfected through Suffering

The Church in America needs a paradigm shift to comprehend that we are perfected through suffering. Continue reading

1365. Have You Been “Meeked”?

One misunderstanding of one particular manifestation (fruit) of the Spirit may explain why we’re still struggling in our faith. Continue reading

1363. God Finishes what He Starts

No one can interfere with God’s plans for you Continue reading

1362. News + Not Over Yet

Weekly news + a reminder that however things may appear, God has the final word Continue reading