1008. Why Wait?

Opportunities for acts of kindness are everywhere. Continue reading

986. Weekly News + “Unlimited Power”

This week’s news + our call to walk in victory in the midst of the madness around us Continue reading

972. Weekly News + Finding God in our Storms

Weekly News + God’s role when disaster strikes Continue reading

966. Weekly News + God’s First Responders

This week’s news plus a spiritual lesson from Hurricane Harvey Continue reading

928 Week’s News + While the World Changes

Our Changing World vs. the Consistency of God Continue reading

925. The God Who is There

This article shows how one of the names of God has special significance to both Israel and struggling followers of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

877. God’s Greater Agenda

God’s agenda is always greater than anything we can dream up. Continue reading

303. Hope in our Trials

Hope in our Trials Continue reading