1158. Running Out of Time


Running Out of Time

Menachem Begin

In 1981, Israel, under the leadership of Menachem Begin, was faced with the prospect of a nuclear Iraq. The threat was obvious and imminent. Saddam Hussein had made his intention known to the world. None of Iraq’s neighbors would have been safe, especially Israel. Israel did what needed to be done. In one precise strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osiraq, Iraq’s nuclear program was eliminated once and for all. Continue reading

1040. The Nation of Israel is Born

A Brief History Lesson: The significance of Yesterday, May 14  Continue reading

1004. The Cost of Prosperity

A biblical flashback shows what prosperity can do to an ungrateful nation. Continue reading

994. Weekly News + “A Bold & Courageous Move”

This week’s news  plus my commentary on President Trump’s historic announcement Continue reading

955. Why Jews Reject Jesus

What is the most important reason why most of the world’s Jews reject Jesus as their Messiah? Continue reading

947. Appreciating our Jewish Roots

It’s time for the Church to embrace and enjoy its rich heritage. Continue reading

847. Old Jewish Comedians

It’s time to take another break from the normal routine. Continue reading

838. Praying for Israel’s Salvation

Sharing God’s Heart for Israel Continue reading

301. It’s All Israel’s Fault

It’s All Israel’s Fault Continue reading

161. Israel and the Dollar Bill

This issue reveals how our dollar bill reflects Israel’s role in our nation’s founding. Continue reading