1170. Weekly News + The Power of Two or Three

Frustrated by this week’s news? Followers of Jesus Christ have more power to change things than they realize. Continue reading

1162. Bold Prayers

If God answered all your prayers from this past week, how would the world be changed? Continue reading

1112. The Forgotten Purpose of Prayer

God has a purpose for prayer that you may have never considered. Continue reading

1098. Hallowed be Your Name

¬†You may be surprised at what the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer really means. Continue reading

967. Yes, No, or Not Now?

Our understand of how God answers our prayers reveals how well we know Him Continue reading

960. Weekly News + Letting Jesus Pray

This week’s news plus learning to let Jesus pray to the Father through us Continue reading

958. Weekly News + “When We Pray”

This week’s news plus a whimsical story with a powerful message¬† Continue reading

938. Weekly News + “Kingdom Living”

This week’s news plus “Praying for the Loonies” Continue reading

915. Week’s News + “News & Knees”

This week’s news plus the role of prayer in current events Continue reading

907. Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

This SPECIAL EDITION lists specific ways we can pray for the peace of Jerusalem before the Prince of Peace comes. Continue reading