1202. Weekly News + Because They Don’t Trust Me

This week’s news + a story of God moving more mightily there than here

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1195 The Indoctrination of America’s Churches

Many of America’s churches are victims of a deadly indoctrination similar to what’s happening in our public schools. Continue reading

1172. Weekly News + As It is in Heaven

God is sovereign but man has free will. How do we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth? Continue reading

1064. Salvation God’s Way

Biblical salvation is even more wonderful than you’ve been told. Continue reading

1026. The Power of the Gospel

The preaching of the gospel in  its simplicity has more power than you may imagine. Continue reading

1014. Jesus is Pursuing Muslims

ISIS has pushed many Muslims toward Jesus, but Jesus always makes the first move. Continue reading

980. Weekly News + “Focused on our Mission”

This week’s news plus staying focused on our non-negotiable mission instead of getting sidetracked by world events Continue reading

970. Weekly News + The Christian Response

This week’s news plus The Christian Response to the Devastation from Two Major Hurricanes Continue reading

955. Why Jews Reject Jesus

What is the most important reason why most of the world’s Jews reject Jesus as their Messiah? Continue reading

932. Weekly News + I Will Build My Church

This week’s news plus an analysis of why so many millennials are rejecting “religion” Continue reading