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New Book: Daily Reflections
This daily devotional represents the most impactful spiritual lessons I have learned in my lifetime, most of which came recently as truths I knew in my mind finally penetrated my heart, opening my eyes, and setting me free. It reveals the reasons for my unquenchable joy and the peace I had been seeking. You will be challenged to exchange ‚ÄúComfortable Christianity‚ÄĚ for the real thing that will rock your world.

Price: $17.00 plus $5 shipping & Handling (+ 6% sales tax for SC residents)

New Product: CBD
YodahLIFE premium CBD tincture (liquid) is unique (and superior) because it is water soluble with a 90% uptake or bioavailability allowing it to be absorbed into the body and utilized faster and more efficiently than most other products which are oil soluble with 20% bioavailability. It is 99.6% pure CBD with 0%THC compared to other products that are often 50% pure with traces of THC. As proof of the purity of YodahLIFE’s product, a lab certificate for every batch is available by scanning the bar code on the bottle.

Price: $90.00 (700 mg bottle) plus $5.00 shipping & handling (+ 6% sales tax for SC residents)

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Topics

  1. THE ISRAELI CONNECTION – An overview of the “Israel–Church” relationship highlighting the biblical connections and the causes of divisions
  2. THE MODERN MESSIANIC MOVEMENT  РWhat Gentile Christians need to know about Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus)
  3. THE FEASTS OF THE LORD – A look at how the Jewish Feast (from Passover to Tabernacles) picture Christ’s First and Second Coming
  4. THE BIRTH OF GOD’S NATION – A display of God’s protection through Israel’s modern history as she struggles toward statehood
  5. THE SIGN OF HIS COMING – A two-part presentation of the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24 and 25) outlining the future for Israel and the Church
  6. THE SIGN OF HIS COMING – A two-part presentation of the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24 and 25) outlining the future for Israel and the Church
  7. HOW SURE ARE YOU? (with Power Point presentation) – A means to remove all doubt regarding our salvation
  8. TURKEYS AND EAGLES Letting the Truth Set us Free – A series of messages and illustrations geared to help believers better understand their identity in Christ
  9. ISLAM AND THE LAST DAYS – A presentation on the basics of Islam (including its dependence on deception) and the possible role it will play in the last days.
  10. THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN AMERICA – An overview of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to conquer America, how they are doing, and how our government leaders are cooperating with them.

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