312. More Mid-East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

More Middle East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Continue reading

304. Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings

Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings Continue reading

302. World Focuses on Strait of Hormuz

This issue looks at the postponement of the joint U.S.-Israeli Military exercises, the U.S. “Advice” to Israel and “warnings” to Iran, and more. Continue reading

148. Dhimmitude and Healthcare

This issue looks at Dhimmitude and the Healthcare Law. Continue reading

129. Obama Presses to Push S.T.A.R.T.

This edition looks at Shariah law and anti-Semitism in Britain, Canada’s continued support for Israel, a possible Israeli military strike against Iran, Islamic intimidation in the U.S. and Obama’s pressure to push S.T.A.R.T. Continue reading

29. Obama admits he’s a Muslim

This issue looks at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America, reexamines the Fort Hood shooting, uncovers Obama’s admission of his Muslim faith and his plans to undermine America’s sovereignty, and offers a writing tip to avoid sending the wrong message. Continue reading

Obama Netanyahu Face to Face

This issue covers the recent Obama/Netanyahu meeting, discusses the danger of dividing Jerusalem, looks at a revealing survey of how Americans regard a nuclear Iran, and shows the proper use of the co

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