1373. Now That’s a Prayer!

The Apostle Paul’s prayers put our to shame. what was his secret? Continue reading

1360. News + In Jesus’ Name

Weekly news + a fresh look at our flippant use of the phrase “in Jesus’ name” Continue reading

1210. Weekly News + Partnering with God in 2020

In light of this week’s troubling news, it’s encouraging to know that followers of Jesus can actually influence world events. Continue reading

1170. Weekly News + The Power of Two or Three

Frustrated by this week’s news? Followers of Jesus Christ have more power to change things than they realize. Continue reading

915. Week’s News + “News & Knees”

This week’s news plus the role of prayer in current events Continue reading

836. Praying “We” Prayers

What do “we” prayers have to do with unity? Continue reading

313. E-Books Available at Rock Bottom Prices

E-books Now Available at Rock Bottom Prices Continue reading