1232. Weekly News + The Plague of Cyprian

This week’s news + Christians have a great opportunity to display selfless love in the midst of the Corona-virus pandemic. Continue reading

1210. Weekly News + Partnering with God in 2020

In light of this week’s troubling news, it’s encouraging to know that followers of Jesus can actually influence world events. Continue reading

863. Gearing up for Voter Fraud

Why is the likelihood of voter fraud increasing? Continue reading

839. Muslims to Provide Microchips for US Weapons

Who in their right mind would think giving Muslims control over our weapons, satellites, & national defense is a good idea? Continue reading

837. Robots Await Minimum Wage Hike

Here’s one example of how raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour will kill jobs. Continue reading

829. War on Christian Values Escalates

This week’s news and commentary from a biblical perspective. Continue reading