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The Israeli Connection

isrI wrote The Israeli Connection to demonstrate how important Israel is to America and should be to every believer. My goal was to shed some light on the current Middle East crisis and to show fellow Christians why our Jewish roots make it our problem, too.

Despite the complexity of the current situation in that region of the world, there are some things that we, as Americans, can and should understand—namely, God’s plans for Israel and America’s proper response to those plans. There is no earthly explanation for Israel’s amazing survival story. God’s protective hand has clearly been her from the time Abraham received his special calling from God. What God has promised, He will fulfill.

Among those promises are the reclaiming of the land originally promised to Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. The way things are today, both of these seem impossible. This book shows how God will ultimately fulfill His promises and how America fits into His divine plans. Biblical prophecy reveals that at some time in the future, America will abandon Israel. This book addresses what this means for America today and what believers can do to be part of God’s solution and to facilitate the coming together of Jewish and Gentile believers into the “One New Man” of Ephesians 2:15. This will do more to promote peace than any treaty of political agreement.

These are some of the questions answered in the “The Israeli Connection” series:

• Why should Americans care about Israel?

• Is there a link between America’s recent “natural” disasters and our policy toward Israel?

• Are establishing a Palestinian state and dividing Jerusalem good ideas?

• Why do so many Americans refuse to see the threat that Islam poses?

• How can I better understand my Jewish friend’s resistance to Christianity?

• Why is Jerusalem so important to God and to biblical prophecy?

• How is the Middle East crisis just the tip of the real iceberg?

• How does America fit into biblical prophecy?

• What do the Jewish Feasts of the Lord have to do with us as Christians?

• Are biblical Judaism and Christianity really different religions?

• Is Israel really “occupying” Palestinian land?

• Has the Church replaced Israel regarding God’s covenantal promises?

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