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1092. Let There Be

How did everything begin?


The first sound uttered in all of creation was the command of God, “Let there be…” It wasn’t the first sound in the universe since the universe didn’t yet exist. These words were uttered by an eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing uncreated Being into nothingness. He alone could create anything since He alone had the power of being. For us finite beings to comprehend nothingness is as impossible as grasping infinity. Yet, the Bible claims that everything that came into being came from nothingness at the command of God.

For six days (as we know them once light and time had been established), God, through Christ, systematically spoke the universe into existence, including the beginnings of all living things. His final creation, mankind, was His crowning achievement, one with whom He would establish a special relationship. All of this began with three powerful words—Let there be.

The power of the words of God were witness again as Jesus stood at a distance outside a tomb and cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.” First, God brought life from nothing. Here, He brought life from death. This is true creation from a simple but divine command. What we call the creative arts isn’t really creation. We’re simply remolding substances (or even ideas) that already exist into a new form. God, on the other hand, brings something from absolutely nothing. Let that sink in. This is the same God Who desires a deep, abiding relationship with us!

With this as background, let’s look at again at how everything came into being. Some modern theorists believe that the world (and the universe) was created by nothing.  They’re not saying everything was created from nothing. They’re saying it was created by nothing. In this modern and “enlightened” view, the rabbit comes out of the hat without a rabbit, a hat, or even a magician. This view is far more miraculous than the biblical view. It suggests that nothing created not only something, but everything! Of course, they don’t use these exact words. If they did, no one would take them seriously. In its most basic form, their claim is that the universe was created by chance.


It doesn’t take much thought to conclude that this semantic variation doesn’t make their claim any more plausible. This is because chance isn’t even a thing. It has no mass, no weight or energy. It is simply the mathematical probability of achieving a specified outcome when entities interact over time. The problem here is that there were no entities to interact. In fact, time didn’t exist either. Therefore, their claim really is that the universe came from nothing.

Saint Augustine’s writings indicated that he clearly understood the absurdity of the world coming into being by chance. He knew it required someone or something with the power of creation to accomplish such a feat. He also understood that somewhere, somehow, something had to have the power of being. If not, nothing would now exist.

So, why do scientists, physicists, and theoreticians, supposedly intelligent people, cling to such unscientific notions and fail to even consider that the biblical account of creation (as well as the great flood) offers the most “scientific” explanation for how we got here and what we observe today? The way I see it, if there was no God, and everything was random, there would be no order or consistency to anything. We would have no consistent mathematics because chaos would reign everywhere. The fact that science, with it’s predictability, exists speaks to the existence of a God of order who creates and maintains with order. Without such a God, there would be no physical laws because nothing would be predictable. Under such conditions life would not exist, so there would be no scientists to argue their ridiculous claim.

The only logical and scientific explanation began with “Let there be!”



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