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1096. Come to Jesus

When your world is falling apart, come to Jesus, especially if you’re already a Christian.



Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Mt. 11:28).

When we think of coming to Jesus we usually imagine a salvation experience, when we finally come to Him for eternal life. Today’s verse certainly applies to salvation, but it also has everything to do with abiding. Part of our salvation is the rest Jesus offers, not that we stop doing or working, but we stop striving and rest in what Christ has already done for us. Today’s verse can also describe situations we find ourselves in as believers.

Something is weighing heavy on us and it has thrown us off balance spiritually. We become introspective and find ourselves dwelling on the circumstance and how it has disturbed our routine, our happiness, or our general well-being. The oneness we sought with God has disappeared and we find ourselves looking to the ways of the world for a solution. We become extremely self-conscious and this morbid introspection can easily lead to a pathetic pity party. Sound familiar?

This is when Jesus speaks to us saying, “Come unto Me.” If we respond to His invitation, He will replace our self-consciousness with a Christ-consciousness. It is only then that we experience the rest He promised. His desire is that we would become so Christ-conscious that we don’t have to keep returning to Him every time our world is upset. This is what abiding is all about.

AS I SEE ITWe have to be on the lookout for anything that will break our oneness with our Master, Jesus. If we are to be an effective and obedient bond-slave, we must be constantly tuned into Him. After all, as a follower of Jesus, the old person we used to be no longer exists. That person died with Christ. He is now our life. We should never see ourselves separately from Christ. He has made us one with Him. It’s up to us to walk in light of that truth.

Living this way isn’t easy. We’ve had a lifetime of practice exalting, glorifying, and living for ourselves. Yet God never asks us to do anything He has not equipped us to do. He has replaced the old us with His own righteousness via His Son. When we received Christ, we received His mind, His heart, his faith, His holiness, and His life. All these are part of who Christ is. All of this has become our true identity. Jesus is calling us to come to Him every time we realize that we have strayed. Once we are reunited with Him and our oneness is restored, we will begin to see our situation through His eyes. We will feel His arms enfolding us, and we will know that He’s got everything under control.

Every time a trial comes, we have the opportunity to discover just how real our oneness with Jesus is. If we aren’t what we claim to be spiritually, morally, or intellectually, we will come to Him only as a last resort. We will be so busy justifying ourselves that we may not even hear His voice. Don’t let the world lure you into its ways. When troubles arise, listen for Jesus’ voice and come to Him.



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