215. Geert Wilders Found Not Guilty

This issue looks at a significant archeological find, a world leader’s distain for Israel, Geert Wilders’ victory, Delta’s Saudi partners, foreign journalists’ support for terrorists, and some American churches that support Islam.


First Temple Period Archeological Site Unveiled in J’lem
One of the most complete excavations from the First Temple period were showcased on Tuesday, including a large complex of ruins called the Ophel City Walls Site which was inaugurated in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park. It is believed that the area is the Water Gate mentioned in Nehemiah 3:26. The site, which was uncovered by Hebrew University’s Dr. Eilat Mazar, contains ritual baths, store rooms, a watchtower, and royal buildings. The site will soon be opened to the public as part of the Davidson Center Archeological Garden.
World Leader Declares Jerusalem a Garbage Dump
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: I [Mike Evans] have just returned from the City of the Great King-Jerusalem. The Quartet sent leaders to Jerusalem this week to pressure Israel. Here’s part of what they are saying: “Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of liberal democracy. Never has a Knesset passed laws that are as manifestly racist as the current one. Israel has had foreign ministers who were unworldly and didn’t know English, but it has never had a foreign minister whose only goal is to pander to his right-wing constituency by flaunting his disdain for international law and the idea of human rights with such relish.” One of these leaders told me, “Jerusalem is a garbage dump, and Israel is a refugee camp.” The Quartet will meet in Brussels in 72 hours. “It’s all about helping the Palestinians proclaim statehood in September,” he said.


Geert Wilders Declared Not Guilty
MP Geert Wilders has been cleared of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination by a court in Amsterdam. The court ruled that some of Wilders’ statements were insulting, shocking and on the edge of legal acceptability, but that they were made in the broad context of a political and social debate on the multi-cultural society. The chief judge took some 20 minutes to dismiss the charges one by one, speaking in clear, non-legal language. There was applause from the public gallery when he had finished his statement. The public prosecution department earlier joined Wilders’ legal team in calling for a not-guilty verdict, saying certain statements by the PVV party leader were insulting, but not criminal. Read more.
Delta Partners with Saudis
Jay Sekulow reports: Delta Airlines has entered into a partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines – an airline and a nation with a policy of discriminating on the basis of religion, ethnicity, and gender. Under this new alliance, there is real concern that American Jews will be prohibited from flying into Saudi Arabia – and a U.S. corporation would be the entity enforcing that policy. Even non-Jews with an Israeli stamp in their passport could be targeted. And, of course, U.S. citizens who are Christians are in the danger zone as well, often facing blatant discrimination in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia where Sharia law is embraced. Saudi Arabia, which owns Saudi Arabian Air, has a well-documented history of embracing Sharia law – the basis for these discriminatory policies. This is yet another example of how Sharia law is infiltrating our nation and is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution.
Foreign Journalists Set Out To Aid Terrorist Sympathizers
One Jerusalem Reports: The international assault on Israel continues unabated. As Syria’s Assad is murdering innocent Syrians, members of the international media announced they will join the Flotilla that until recently was sponsored by IHH, an organization with links to Hamas and terrorist Muslims. Why are they placing

Bulletproof vests found abord Turkish ship after 2010 flotilla

 themselves in harms way? To shield Israel’s enemies who have announced their attention to challenge Israel’s international sovereignty. By any measure this Flotilla is a propaganda stunt planned to embarrass Israel in the international arena. Israel’s friends and allies need to be informed of such developments.
American Churches Promote Islam
Vision to America reports: Dozens of Christian churches, from Park Hill Congregational in Denver to Hillview United Methodist in Boise, Idaho, and First United Lutheran in San Francisco to St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu, are planning to send “a message both here at home and to the Arab and Muslim world about our respect for Islam” with a time to read the Quran during worship this Sunday. Sothe Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First is calling on Christian clergy to read portions of the Quran during their services Sunday. The readings, supporters say, will “counter the anti-Muslim bigotry and negative stereotypes that have erupted throughout the country in the past year and led to misconceptions, distrust and in some cases, violence.”


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