223. The Flotilla that Wasn’t

This edition looks at The Flotilla that Wasn’t.

You’re probably wondering what happened to the much publicized “Gaza Flotilla II” that would carry some 1,600 pro-Palestinian activists and media reps past the Israeli naval blockage at Gaza. It was to show the world once and for all, how those hateful Israelis are oppressing the poor people of Gaza. Well, things aren’t exactly working out too well, due largely to the recent and strengthening ties between Israel and the government of Greece. While its enemy across the Aegean, Turkey, has been going pro-Islamic and anti-Israel, Greece has been has been going in exactly the opposite direction. Greece has prevented numerous “flotilla bound” ships from leaving its harbors, and has pursued several ships that escaped, overtaking them, and sending them back to port. In addition, a mass fly-in of another 500 anti-Israel activists was blocked when European authorities refused to let them board flights for Ben-Gurion Airport.
The bottom line is that not one flotilla ship was permitted to approach Gaza. Some ships never left because their insurance carriers denied coverage due to “extraordinary danger.” More than one ship was forced to turn back due to “mechanical problems.” Rumors abound regarding unidentified stealth saboteurs.
In fact, the whole plan backfired, as numerous media reported that the people of Gaza are actually doing quite well, far better than Arabs elsewhere. All kinds of goods are arriving, new shopping centers are opening, and food markets are full. The truth was finally made known. There was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and the only purpose of the flotilla was to isolate and delegitimize Israel.

It’s amazing what one friend can do. That friend should have been the United States, but it was Greece. It will be interesting to see how God deals with Greece for her kindness to Israel. She is certainly in a position to need all the help she can get. In case you missed it, one of the ships in the failed flotilla was named The Audacity of Hope. I hope you see the connection. Once again, the Obama administration is on the wrong side, and America will pay a heavy price.
This flotilla fiasco represents some much needed good news for Israel. Sometimes a small glimmer of hope is all she has, but it may be all she needs. It is a reminder that God is still looking out for Israel and looking for nations to bless for their kindness shown to Israel. He will use anyone who courageously takes a stand to protect Israel. Israel’s history is replete with amazing stories of how God used one man, or in one case, two young children, to turn the tide of a battle. Maybe someday, we’ll learn of the exploits of such heroes who turned a vicious plan into the Flotilla that Wasn’t.


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