234. Partnering with God for Israel

This issue looks at how to partner with God for Israel.

I have written often about the upcoming U.N. vote scheduled for September 26. I hope you understand its significance. The future of Israel is on the line. Many nations are poised to vote for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. However, as I have written, success is not a done deal. Even if a state were declared, the factions vying for leadership in Palestine are far from unified, despite the so-called unity government. What’s more, many Palestinians know full well that they are better off (economically) under Israeli rule that they would ever be under Palestinian leadership.
That being said, the vote is significant because many individual nations (and the United Nations) will officially set themselves in direct opposition to God. While they may think they’re simply joining the winning side as they vote against Israel, they are, in fact, inviting the wrath of God, who has warned the world how He feels about those who divide up HIS land (See Joel 3:2).
The worldwide outcry against this attempt to not only delegitimize Israel, but to destroy her has been, with few exceptions, non-existent, despite the promises of “never again” (referring to the Holocaust. One of those exceptions, Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem, will occur on August 24th in Jerusalem. It will likely be the most publicized opportunity for supporters of Israel to be heard before the big vote. We need to pray for these two events, believing that God hears believers’ prayers that are according to His will.
In an interview on July 13th with The Jerusalem Post, Glenn warned of the possible “vaporization of Israel” and the end of the Western way of life as we know it. Those who know their Bibles know that Israel doesn’t get vaporized. What happens to her won’t be pretty, but she will survive. How can we be sure? All the answers are in the Bible. Israel represents the people (and place) through whom God has chosen to make Himself known to the world. His name and reputation are at stake. What happens to America and the West in general is up for grabs, especially since our leaders have taken such an anti-Israel stance.

So, what about Christians in America (and the West in general) who love Israel? I think we need to continue to see our Lord as our good shepherd who cares for His sheep, no matter what. Once again, His reputation is at stake as He has promised to take care of those who are His. He has gone before us. He knows where the green pastures are and the safe, still waters are. He sleeps in the gate so that no enemy can get to us without encountering Him. How will He save us if our country is destroyed? I have no idea, but He says that the righteous will live by their faith and that without faith, it is impossible to please Him. His word also says:
Whatever is born of God overcomes the world, and this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith (1 John 5:4).

We must apply this same faith to Israel, coupled with fervent prayer. We must not sit idly by, thinking what will be, will be, or it’s not my problem, or that God will do as He wishes. Perhaps He is waiting for us to partner with Him in prayer. The Bible is full of examples where He waits to act until His people pray. Time is running out. Will you partner with him right now?


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