270. D.O.J. Sanctions the “Islamization” of America

This issue looks at the latest Justice Department ruling favoring Muslims.SINCE YOU ASKED
Several months ago I posted an article about the U.S. Justice Department’s recent lawsuit supporting the supposed right of a newly hired Muslim teacher to get three weeks off (with pay) so she could participate in the hajj (religious pilgrimage) to Mecca. The lawsuit was filed in December of 2010 on behalf of Safoorah Khan, a former math lab instructor at the McArthur Middle School near Chicago. While Muslims are required to make the hajj anytime during their lifetime, she felt she was “entitled” to the time off at that time because she would have to wait 9 years until the hajj fell on a “school break.” Not getting the time off, she resigned. The Justice Department has been pushing to get the Muslim teacher reinstated with back pay and, until now, unspecified damages. It has also been trying to impose an order requiring the school district to adopt a more flexible religious observance policy.
Here’s the latest. The Justice Department has just forced the Berkeley School District to pay Ms. Kahn $75,000 and to implement a sensitivity training course throughout the district. We’ve also recently learned that the newly employed teacher asked for the leave immediately before exams, was the only instructor in her department, and that the teachers’ union-brokered contract offered her non-Muslim counterparts no comparable leave. Last December, after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported her complaint, the Justice Department filed suit against the district arguing that the school administrators had violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, discriminating against Khan because of her religion.

This ruling is infuriating on so many levels. It is a blatant case of reverse discrimination. Ms. Kahn was given preferential treatment precisely because she was a Muslim. This is the very thing we would expect our Justice department to fight against. The school district was clearly put in a bind by her capricious wishes, yet it was treated as the perpetrator, not the victim. With unemployment stuck above nine percent and new jobless claims at 400,000 a week, why would our government reward someone who is more concerned with time off than meeting her contractual obligations?
You should have a lot of questions running through your mind. What is Holder’s Justice Department’s real agenda? Why the blatant preferential treatment for Muslims? Can you imagine the Justice Department defending a Christian for wanting time off to visit the holy land? It would never happen. What do you expect moderate Muslims to conclude when they see such blatant inequities being imposed in their favor? This decision guarantees that more such cases will be forthcoming, with increasing greater impact and consequences. With this ruling, the Obama administration has officially sanctioned the “Islamization” of America. May God have mercy on us.


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