281. Israel’s War with Iran has Already Begun

This issue looks at the beginning of the Israeli-Iranian war, the attack on the British embassy in Tehran, Obama’s refusal to cripple Iran, the fear of Christianity by Iran’s leaders, Obama’s latest dissing of God, the new axis of evil, and how “creeping sharia” is now “galloping sharia.”


The War with Iran has Already Begun
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: I [Mike Evans] have received a phone call from a top military source in Israel confirming that the war with Iran has already begun. The “accidental” explosions that have rocked Iran in recent days, one near the nuclear enrichment facility in Isfahan and another at a missile base, are the initial salvos in the war to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. These beginning stages are being carried out by specially trained covert ops teams with high-tech equipment; full-on attacks with planes and missiles will follow. As you can see from the pictures below from the Iranian missile base, serious damage is being done to Iran’s military capability by these strikes.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

In a scene reminiscent of the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 and 1980, mobs of protestors overran the British embassy in Tehran this week. At least six embassy staffers were reportedly taken hostage for a brief period of time before being rescued by police, although Iran has denied that they were taken prisoner, and British authorities referred to their status as “confusing.” The rage of Iran against not just Israel but the Western world as well knows no bounds. They will strike at every opportunity until they are stopped.


Three Countries Take the Lead on Stopping Iran from Going Nuclear-None are the U.S.
Joel Rosenberg reports: Guess who is leading the world towards a tougher policy towards Iran? Not the U.S. It’s the French, the British and our Canadian friends to the north. Last week, France, Great Britain, Canada and the U.S. imposed new economic sanctions on Iran. The goal: to try to force Iran’s economy to its knees, with the hopes that Iran’s current government — or a new one — will be forced to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions to get its economy growing again. But French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to their credit, took a tougher stance that President Obama. They imposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank. They also called all nations of goodwill to follow their lead.

President Obama, however, has thus far refused to impose sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank. What’s more, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, “The United States is committed to engagement.” Read more.
Iranian Leaders Fear the Rapid Spread of Christianity
SAT-7 reports: “[T]his menace must be controlled like a virus,”-this, a recent quote from an Iranian leader that appeared in Mohabat News when speaking of the country’s democracy movement. In the publication, he also accused the regime’s enemies of allowing ‘house-church Christianity,’ and other religious movements, to spread throughout Iran. Christian satellite television, and its attraction to Iranian youth, is also a growing concern to the government. In that regard, another official stated,”actions taken-and funds allocated-to [eliminate the rapid spread of Christianity] have all but failed.”
Even within Iran’s parliament, some lawmakers are complaining about the massive amount of money the government is spending confiscating satellite dishes-only to see them reappear within days. Read more.
Obama’s Thanksgiving Address Fails to Mention God
Godfather Politics reports: In keeping with his Marxist philosophies, President Barack Obama intentionally omitted any mention of God in his Thanksgiving Day address to the nation. Whether you realize it or not, this was not an accidental oversight. Read more.
Bachmann to Beck: We’re Facing a ‘New Axis of Evil’
The Blaze reports: During Tuesday’s broadcast of the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn interviewed GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann, asking the Minnesota congresswoman a myriad questions on topics ranging from foreign and domestic policy to the economy and crisis preparedness. At one point, Bachmann spoke about the dangers of “the new axis of evil” comprising Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia. Both Glenn and Bachmann pointed out Russia’s role in aiding some of the world’s most notorious aggressors and state sponsors of terror – from providing Russian chemists and engineers to aid Iran in its development of nuclear weapons to sending Russian warships to aid the Syrians in their defense. Read more.
Galloping Sharia
You’ve got to listen to this 6 minute radio interview. It will make your blood boil. If the Muslim woman who filed the police complaint discussed in this interview is willing to do that to another Muslim, just think what that means for us non-Muslims!


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