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304. Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings

Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings
After Osama bin Laden was killed, President Obama reiterated his claim that America was not in a war against Islam. My regular readers know full well that Muslims, however, consider themselves to be in a war with us. In fact, they are engaged in world-wide warfare against any non-Muslim worldwide. Remove radical Muslims from the picture and 99 percent of all the world’s terrorism vanishes. America, however, is the prize. We are the Great Satan. Obama’s consistent failure to acknowledge this fit right in with his double standards where Israel is concerned and his clearly pro-Muslim decisions for the rest of the world.
Following the bin Ladin death news, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu congratulated the United States president, America’s intelligence, and military for their significant accomplishment. However, he was quick to point out Obama’s double standard. He argued that the U.S. raid that killed bin Ladin was no different from several raids Israel conducted to remove enemy leaders who had been terrorizing Israel. Israel, however, has received nothing but criticism from world leaders and the U.S. administration. So, said Netahyahu, what’s okay for America to do is not permissible for Israel.
Then there’s the thorny issue of what happened to bin Laden’s body. Most Americans are not pleased that the American captors gave bin Ladin a respectful Muslim funeral. Reports indicate that his body was ceremoniously washed and wrapped in white linen, and then buried at sea. Obama had stated in his speech to the nation that bin Ladin was “not a Muslim leader.” Why then, did he provide him with such a respectful Muslim funeral?¬† Perhaps Obama was more interested in sending the “proper” message to the worldwide Muslim community than the message he sent to the families of all those bin Ladin murdered.

If the Muslim funeral was ordered by President Obama, it certainly is another indication of his pro-Muslim leanings and his personal desire not to offend Muslims. How it will offend Israel is inconsequential. Are his Muslim appeasement plans going to help our relations with the Muslim world? 
Considering that we killed their hero, I doubt it. To think we can build bridges through appeasement is foolhardy. History has clearly shown that it doesn’t work. Since those in power in the Muslim world have no desire to co-exist with America, we must conclude that our President is merely cementing his own relationships in the Muslim world.


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