328. Jesus says, “Go.” Islam says, “Come.”

Jesus says, “Go.” Islam says, “Come.”IT’S WORTH CONSIDERING
In many ways, Christianity and Islam take their followers in opposite directions. One such difference is seen in the “marching orders” to win converts. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus issues what has been called the Great Commission. Believers are to “go” into all the world and make disciples of all nations… Since salvation comes through believing in Jesus, followers of Jesus are to go to where the people are. In Islam, the emphasis is on “come.” Islamic “evangelism” is seen in the term Da’wah, which means “an invitation” or “to come” and its focus is the local mosque.

The difference in approach (to win converts) can also be seen in the different ways Christians and Muslims go about their “ministries.” Christian mission establishes schools, hospitals, and other benevolent institutions through cooperative methods. Christian outreach involves sacrificing your own comfort, money, and time, to go and spend time with the needy people of the world, bringing help and hope to them. Islamic Da’wah, on the other hand, stresses the construction of a mosque and then establishes its ministries. The people are invited to the mosque, where they will find all the services they need to “make their lives better.” No sacrifice is required on the part of the local “believers.” They simply find ways to entice non-believers to come and check out what they have to offer. The bigger and more elaborate the mosque, the better.

Compare the Church’s marching orders to what we see today. What we take for granted in the “Christian community” is, in my opinion, in direct opposition to Christ’s command. Instead of focusing on going, we have adopted the Islamic version and expect the lost to “come” to us. The more “successful” our church is, the bigger and more elaborate our building becomes. We think that all the ministries the world needs are found within the walls of our church, and we can’t understand why people aren’t flocking to our services.

It’s time to consider WWJD, “What would Jesus do?” Can you image Him as the pastor of the largest mega-church in the nation, preaching every Sunday to whoever cared to show up? I can’t. He would continue the way He started-overseeing lots of small groups meeting in homes, sharing the Word, encouraging one another and meeting one another’s needs. Money collected from tithes would be spent to take material and spiritual help to the needy around them. Believers would actually be getting their hands dirty as they got involved in the dirty work of service. There would be no “programs,” only people going into the world, seeing needs, and meeting them. Jesus would be “going,” preaching everywhere He went. So would His followers. How would Jesus rate your church?


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