529. Weiner’s al-Qaida Connection

This issue looks at some significant discoveries in Israel, the PA’s latest attempt to “erase” Israel, John Kerry’s misguided diplomacy, the story of two former prisoners in Iran, and more.


Drilldown: Is Blue-and-White Oil on the Way?

Oil refineries in Haifa by night. Photo: Shay Levy / Flash90

Oil refineries in Haifa by night. Photo: Shay Levy / Flash90

The Tower reports: This [OPEC is worried] is not because Israel has suddenly discovered vast, easily exploited reserves of oil. It’s because one visionary Israeli company, Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI), is developing a unique technology that could unlock hundreds of billions of barrels of unconventional oil around the world. Read more.

Archaeologists Say They Uncovered King David’s Palace
Fox News reports: Archaeologists in Jerusalem claim to have uncovered two large buildings fit for a king-Biblical King David, davidspalacethat is. But not all historians agree; one group even argues that King David was no king at all. Over the past year, archaeologists have excavated a site that they believe to be the fortified Judean city of Shaarayim, where David smote Goliath as described in the Bible. Read more.

Erasing Israel from PA Textbooks
Earl Cox reports: The Israeli Knesset recently hosted a special briefing on the incitement against Israel contained in Palestinian Authority textbooks. The findings presented there were quite startling on what Palestinian children are being taught concerning the historic rights of Jews in the Land of Israel. But what was also disturbing is that these textbooks promoting hatred and rejection of Israel are being used in schools run by the United Nations, and not just PA schools. The Knesset hearing found that PA officials are doing everything they can to make sure the next generation of Palestinians continues to reject Israel’s very existence.

John Kerry’s Misguided Diplomacy
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest plan to resurrect talks between Israel and theJew arab Palestinian Authority includes a call for the freedom of eighty-two of terrorism’s most heinous criminals. These prisoners whose release is a condition of restarting talks are from the West Bank and Gaza. The men whose release is being sought include the perpetrators of some of the most hideous acts of terror imaginable. Two of the terrorists in the group tossed Molotov cocktails into a bus traveling to Jerusalem. Rachel Weiss and her three children died, while IDF soldier David Delarosa was murdered trying to rescue them. Another duo are the men who invaded the home of David Dadi, stabbed him and his friend, Chaim Weitzman, to death and then cut off their ears as souvenirs.

Kerry has apparently forgotten the origins of the PLO, which now hides under the banner of the Palestinian Authority. This organization, whose leader is demanding unilateral statehood, was responsible for masterminding the Munich massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics. Its chief financial officer at that time was Abu Mazen (aka, the aforementioned Mahmoud Abbas).


Former Prisoners Share Their Story
Voice of the Martyrs reports: Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh spent 259 days in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison. Their “crime” was following Jesus Christ and encouraging others to follow him. While in prison, they received letters from believers around the world who had heard about their arrest. In June, Maryam and Marziyeh visited VOM’s offices and spoke to our staff, sharing about God’s faithfulness to them even in prison. They also thanked VOM for being a voice for them during their imprisonment and for encouraging Christians to write letters to them while they were in prison. CLICK HERE to watch a brief video of our time with Maryam and Marziyeh.

Iran, Hezbollah are Actively Moving to Take over Syria, says New Israeli ReportMap Middle East
Joel Rosenberg reports: A new analysis by an Israeli national security think tank argues that Iran not only sees Syria as strategically vital to the mission of the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East, and is determined not to let it fall into enemy hands, but is thus actively planning to take over the nation of Syria and effectively make it part of sovereign Iranian territory. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
The Associated Press is reporting that Iran will snub the U.S. and decline to invite representatives from Washington to the August 4 inauguration of President-elect Hassan Rouhani, two days after the outlet reported that “all the world’s leaders” including “American and European leaders” would be invited to the event as a sign of good will.

A report in The Guardian outlines at length a series of economic cascades rippling across the Gaza Strip, as the Egyptian army moves to destroy the smuggling tunnels that link the Hamas-controlled territory to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani’s incoming administration will make a point of reinforcing revolutionary ideology, including enforcing aspirations aimed at Israel and Jerusalem, according to statements made this week by the Representative of the Supreme Leader in the Central Province.

Arab media outlets are reporting on growing regional fears that Iran is seeking to ethnically alter the landscape of the Middle East, and to flood areas of Syria with Shiites in order to solidify sectarian control of the area.

Weiner’s al-Qaida ConnectionWeiner & wife
Patriotupdate.com reports: With the news media now profiling New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s wife, there is a glaring part of Huma Abedin’s personal story that is not being told – her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic supremacists. Read more.



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