541. Obama: A Muslim Brotherhood Member?

This issue looks at the irrational Syrian strategy and Israel’s response to it, the Hezbollah-Syrian alliance, more claims against Obama, and more.


Leaked Documents Reveal US Sees Israel as a Spying Threat Spy image 
Patriotupdate.com reports: The Obama administration views Israel as one of the top spying threats facing its intelligence services, leaked documents reveal. A secret budget request obtained by The Washington Post from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden lumps Israel alongside U.S. foes Iran and Cuba as “key targets” for U.S. counterintelligence efforts. The document suggests Israel does not believe U.S. assurances that its interests are aligned with Israel’s on crucial issues such as Iran and peace talks with the Palestinians. Read more.

What Netanyahu Is Learning from President Obama’s Vacillations on Syria
Joel Rosenberg reports:To be sure, Israeli leaders are concerned but not surprised by the horrific blood-letting that is underway between the evil Assad regime and the demonic forces of al-Qaeda and their radical Islamic partners. But the Israelis are stunned and dismayed by the vacillating, lurching, confused, and chaotic approach to decision-making of President Obama and his top advisers. Read more.

Hezbollah troops

Hezbollah fighters hold party flags during a parade in a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon. (photo credit: AP/Hussein Malla/File

News from the Israel Project
Hezbollah¬† is mobilizing troops¬† in southern Lebanon, redeploying fighters from the group’s coastal and Bekaa valley strongholds into what the Hezbollah-linked Arabic daily Al-Akhbar describes as “their positions.” Al-Akhbar also reported that the Iran-backed terror group had established a joint “operations room” with the Bashar al-Assad regime in order to coordinate funding, ahead of possible Western strikes against the regime. A senior Syrian official went further, telling the Wall Street Journal that Hezbollah and the Syrian armed forces “are now one body,” and that Damascus would in part rely on the group to conduct “operations targeting warships in the Mediterranean.”

Israel has prepared contingency plans for a security collapse in the Sinai Peninsula, amid deepening fears that the Egyptian army is straining in its ongoing campaign to root out jihadists in the increasingly restive territory.

Iranian and Syrian officials have threatened to lash out against the West – both the U.S. and France were explicitly named – should Western powers take military action against the Bashar al-Assad regime. Gen. Hossein Salami, acting commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, said on Tuesday that an attack against Damascus would spread the “spirit of jihad.”


Obama_Muslim_BrotherhoodEgyptian Media: Obama a Member of Muslim Brotherhood
Godfather Politics reports: Al Gore may regret selling his Current TV to al-Jazeera after this. Al-Jazeera, the Left’s new favorite news outlet, has reported that an Egyptian newspaper ran a front page headline naming President Obama as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Previously, the vice president of Egypt’s high court had said publicly that Obama’s brother Malik is an international finance officer for the Brotherhood. Read more.

A Further Look into this Allegation

Outhouse Labeled “Obama’s Presidential Library” Sparks ControversyOuthouse
Freedomoutpost.com reports: Get your kicks on Route 66! At least someone has gotten their kicks there. A short space away from Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, there’s a sign that’s causing quite the controversy. It sits atop an outhouse and reads “Obama’s Presidential Library.” Read more.

Court Ruling Could Nullify First Amendment
Americanvision.org reports: Judge Michael Ponsor has ruled in Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively (2013) that Scott Lively, through his talks in Uganda in opposition to homosexual behavior was in fact “aiding and abetting a crime against humanity.” Read more.

Liberals Reject Obama’s Case for Syria Strikes; Believe Obama and Kerry are Lying
Patriotupdate.com reports: President Obama’s liberal activist base is adamantly opposed to military strikes in Syria, according to a new survey the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released Wednesday. PCCC says more than 57,000 of its activists weighed in, and 73 percent of them opposed the U.S. taking action in Syria. Just 18 percent supported strikes, and just 14 percent said the U.S. should go ahead unilaterally if it can’t find any allies. Indeed, a majority of the activists don’t believe Mr. Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry are being honest when they lay out their justifications for taking military action. Read more.

Putin Calls Kerry a Liar on SyriaPutin & Obama
Conservativebyte.com reports: Just before Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, he blasted the Obama administration on Wednesday for what he termed its propaganda on military action against Syria. “We talk with these people,” he said about Secretary of State John Kerry, the administration’s chief political spokesperson making the case for war. “We assume that they are decent. But he lies. And he knows that he lies. That’s pathetic.” Read more.

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