548. The Story of SodaStream

What’s happening to SodaStream illustrates the lunacy of the world’s anti-Semitism.
I recently wrote of the EU’s decision to end relations with Israeli entities locatedSodastream outside the 1949 boundary lines. I have just learned of another similar situation that makes even less sense. You have probably heard of or even used a product called SodaStream, a kitchen appliance that converts normal tap water into carbonated water in more than 100 flavors mimicking those of today’s most popular drinks. One of the most obvious environmental advantages of the product is the reduction of the number of plastic bottles needing to be disposed of or recycled. What you probably didn’t realize is that SodaStream International is an Israeli company with one of its plants located in an industrial park less than fifteen minutes west of Jerusalem.

Some of Israel’s enemies have a problem with this plant, claiming that it lies in “occupied territory” (despite the fact that the Oslo Accord agreement gave Israel control over this “disputed territory” until a final agreement was reached). Part of the irony of the objection is the fact that the plant employs more Arabs than Jews (500 West Bank Palestinians, 400 Arab Israelis, and 200 Israeli Jews and foreign workers including African refugees). The company has even constructed a mosque and a synagogue in the factory and permits the wearing of both yarmulkes by male Jews   and hijabs by female Muslims.

The objection is led by the Interfaith Boycott Coalition, an advocate of the Boycott, divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) I have written about in previous articles. This coalition claims that purchasing the soda maker is tantamount to supporting Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank. (Click here to read my article that explodes this myth.)

Considering the lengthy list of benefits resulting from the product and the plant, theJew arab objections appear disingenuous, to say the least, and reveal a deep-seated anti-Semitism that will never be swayed by facts or logic. For example, more than 3,000 Palestinians directly benefit from the income produced by Sodastream, yet the spokesman for the coalition recently remarked: “The fact that a worker goes to work every day does not indicate that it is a good thing.” (Tell that to the workers.)

Some of the members of the coalition are not surprising:
•    The Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church USA
•    The Palestine-Israel Network of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship
•    The Palestine-Israel Network and Response of the United Church of Christ
•    Kairos Response of the United Methodist Church

It’s also not surprising that that the website Sodastreamboycott.org to boycott SodaStream showcases support from Imam Zaid Shakir, an Islamic cleric with a history of anti-Israel rhetoric (imagine that) as well as Karen Danielson, outreach director of the Muslim American Society (an organization founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.)

Once again, the battle lines are being clearly drawn for the upcoming Last Days battles. The ramifications of Genesis 12:3 will be lived out in devastating detail.


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