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New Book: Daily Reflections
This daily devotional represents the most impactful spiritual lessons I have learned in my lifetime, most of which came recently as truths I knew in my mind finally penetrated my heart, opening my eyes, and setting me free. It reveals the reasons for my unquenchable joy and the peace I had been seeking. You will be challenged to exchange ‚ÄúComfortable Christianity‚ÄĚ for the real thing that will rock your world.

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628. Internment Camps & Obama’s Brown Shirts

SPECIAL EDITION: Eye-opening revelations about Secret Internment Camps whose genesis goes back a long way.
While this Special Edition article is very brief, please read all the links and watch the videos. It will be worth your time.

According to a recent article by Freedomoutpost.com, people should not beFema camp 2 shocked if they have been paying attention. Supreme Court Justice Scalia recently warned of the return of internment camps on U.S. soil. As for FEMA camps, if anyone would bother to research something called REX-84, they would find that Oliver North spearheaded an effort to make plans for internment of American citizens. If things go south, there are plans in place. Don’t fool yourself. Why wouldn’t the government have a contingency plan? That isn’t conspiracy. It is common sense. Read more.

FEMA Camp Locations

FEMA Camp Locations


Among the questions that haunt me:
Why do doctors leave the room while you change?¬† They’re going to see you naked anyway…

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