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640. Islam & Mormonism- Frighteningly Similar

The similarities between Islam and Mormonism reveal a common author.
When Glenn Beck was on TV (Fox News Channel), I posted several articles exposing the fallacies in his Mormon faith. I have also posted many articles on the fallacies and heresy of Islam. Today I would like to revisit both, showing that the two belief systems have a lot in common…I mean a lot!

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

For example, the founders of both, Joseph Smith and Mohammed, were visited by some sort of being they described as an angel. Joseph Smith called his “angel” Moroni, while Mohammed called his Gabriel. Both men were given visions and were told that they were chosen to restore the long lost faith and were to establish the one true religion. Joseph Smith was told that all of the existing religious “sects” were wrong, while Mohammed was told that the only true faith in Allah’s mind was Islam.



Both claimed that the Bible had been altered and was unreliable. Both men claimed to be uneducated and illiterate, proving that their writings (and revelations) had to be inspired, resulting in the most correct and perfect holy book on earth. Both claimed that their new holy book was based on a record stored in heaven. For Mormons, the “heavenly records” were the golden Nephi plates taken by Moroni back to heaven. For Muslims, it is the “mother book” residing with God in heaven.

Mormon polygamistBut wait, there’s more! Both founders were polygamists with many wives, both claimed to be God’s final prophet, and both claimed to have been persecuted for their pure faith. Both received “corrective revelations,” altering previous teachings. Joseph Smith eventually received a revelation altering mandated polygamy, while many of

ISIS in Iraq

ISIS in Iraq

Mohammed’s early peaceful revelations while he was in Mecca were later abrogated into more warlike verses during his time in Medina. Not long after the deaths of both founders, infighting over who should be the rightful successor(s) broke out and has continued to this day. Both religions have followers who believe that over the years, their members have drifted from the purity of the original intent put forth by their founders. Mormons have their violent polygamists while Muslims have a growing number of violent extremist groups claiming to represent the “true Islam.”

Here’s a fact that’s you probably never knew. The followers of both religions killed

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre

massive numbers of “infidels” on the same date-9/11. On that day back in 1857 Mormon militia under the authority of Brigham Young massacred 140 men, women, and children. A small number of very young children were spared and sold to the highest Mormon family bidder. Mormon leaders have since attempted to rewrite history, absolving themselves from the guilt associated with what has been called “The Mountain Meadows Massacre.” We all know too well what the followers of Mohammed did on 9/11. We also know that “rewriting history” has become one of their most popular propaganda weapons.

These comparisons represent only a smattering of the similarities between the two religions. My point, however, is not to illustrate how they are the same, but that the logical conclusion after learning of the similarities is that they are the products of the same mind. They share a common source. Satan is no dummy. When something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. His plan was so successful with Islam, why not just change some of the names and details while keeping the basic game plan intact for his later idea-Mormonism?

In fact, every religion, other that Christianity, follows the same pattern. Tell theMormon evangelism people they can work their way to heaven, but never tell them how they’re doing in their quest. Keep them hooked, devoted and dependent on the founder, the current leader, or the god or gods they are to serve. Give them a list of things they must do, but make sure some of them are impossible. Constantly remind them that they simply have to try harder.

Christianity runs counter to all of the Satan-inspired and man-made religions. ItsThree Crosses PAID founder makes it clear that no amount of good works can earn anyone a place in heaven. Instead, Jesus removed the very thing that has been standing between the people and God-their sins. As our substitute, Jesus took the sins of the world upon Himself when He died on the cross, removing the barrier and allowing anyone who would believe in Him to enter into His eternal life. His was the only “religion” that perfectly dealt with the real source of our biggest problems-sin. He became the perfect “once for all” sacrifice. God’s love for us resulted in the perfect plan that need’s no fixing and never needs to be repeated.waterfall 1

The characteristics of Satan’s deceptive nature can be seen over and over again in everything he has produced. The characteristics of our loving Heavenly Father can likewise be seen, if we’ll just take the time to look around at what he has created. How great is our God!


Wife texts husband on a cold winter’s morning:
“Windows frozen, won’t open.”

Husband texts back:
“Gently pour some lukewarm water over it.”

Wife texts back 5 minutes later:
“Computer really screwed up now.”

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