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964. Weekly News + Confronting Evil

This week’s news plus the church’s failure in combating evil


Obama Holdovers Arrive in Geneva for UN Gun Control Treaty

Barcelona’s Chief Rabbi Urges Jews to Move to Israel:”Europe Is Lost

Duke University Capitulates To Radical Left, Removes Lee Statue

Dozens Demonstrate in Detroit against White Supremacy, Christopher Columbus

NC Gov: Remove Confederate Statues So Protesters Aren’t Hurt Toppling Them

Jefferson Memorial Will Be Changed to Acknowledge Slavery Record

90% of BLM & ANTIFA Rioters are Paid by Crowds on Demand via Craig’s List and Google Ads¬†(MUST READ)

Iran vs. Turkey, the MidEast’s Perpetual Rivalry¬†(Great Historical Perspective)

NK Shipments Intercepted… Where They Were Going Will Chill You to the Bone

Nursery School Children Show Signs of Radicalization

The Solar Eclipse Was Racist According to Law School Professor 

Antifa – Just Who Are They?

We’re Still Waiting on Democrats to Denounce Antifa… and Waiting, and Continuing to Wait

Radical Left Looking to Bash Brains at PRAYER Rally with Baseball Bat

Wow! Israel rescues 4,000 innocent Syrians

Washington Post Editorial Blames Christians for Charlottesville, Hails Satan



Confronting Evil

This week, I am struck (but not surprised) by the powerlessness of the American church in dealing with the issues that have captured the headlines. Another word that comes to mind is “irrelevant.”¬† By and large, the American church has failed to engage the culture in a meaningful way. While the entire nation is weighing in on hatred and racism, where is the church? Instead of offering clarity and hope, it has retreated into its sub-culture that exists only within its walls, and its primary efforts have been directed at self-preservation and maintaining the status quo within its private little kingdom.

Thankfully, great churches do exist – churches that are making a difference – churches that are taking the great Commission seriously. Sadly for America, we have too few of these churches, and it looks like their efforts are too little, too late as far as America is concerned.

With the church on the sidelines, hatred has risen to an unprecedented level, and it’s more organized than most people realize. Groups like Antifa didn’t just happen. They have been planned,

George Soros

organized, and funded by George Soros and others whose intentions extend far beyond the groups’ stated goals. We’re seeing the results of a well-organized effort to destroy our nation, and the church seems powerless to stop it. Actually, it seems too disinterested to do anything except periodically complain about how bad things are, before returning to its plans to renovate the social hall.

The recent violence didn’t just spring up overnight. It represents the next phase of what our last president started, and it is only the tip of the iceberg. Below the waterline and hidden from view lie powerful people who are pulling the strings of those they have duped or paid off to do their bidding. The Deep State and Shadow Government are pieces of this larger network that is intent on bringing down Donald Trump, conservatives, certain Republicans, Christians, nationalism, patriotism, unity, and anything else that stands in their way.

My purpose here is to remind us that things are not as they appear. While the groups like Antifa do exist, many of those causing all the trouble are actually mercenaries paid by George Soros. Since Satan is the great deceiver, this shouldn’t surprise us. He has control of some powerful people who have been easy to manipulate. We must never forget that we are not dealing with flesh and blood, but with demonic powers. Those of us who are part of the real Church, the body of Christ, must understand what we are dealing with and respond appropriately.

Think about our world today. Nursery school children are being radicalized and trained to become assassins! An entire generation is being raised to wipe you off the face of the earth. The Church must intervene. We must pray fervently against the forces of evil around the world. The Bible is full of examples where God won’t act until His people pray. He wants us to join Him as He takes care of “kingdom business” and often that business means confronting the evil around us.

At this point in time, we are surrounded by evil. If we don’t pray against it, who will?



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