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992. Weekly News + The Latest Attack on Christmas

This week’s news + a new low from the left


Will Air Force rescind its punishment of Christian? 

Democratic Debauchery Gone Wild! 2016 Campaign Staffers Come Clean

More Evidence of Deep State RINO Coup Emerges in Roy Moore Case

Trump’s Middle East: Saudis to Give Billions to Israel, Utterly Crush Hezbollah

Media Took 40 Years to Report Sexual Misconduct of Liberals, Minutes to Report on Republicans

How Hungary Cut Illegal Immigration by 99%

Syrian Woman Treated in Israel: “All of Syria Would Follow Me

Reactions to the Horror (Mosque Attack)

Oxymoronic: Disney Channel Introduces First “Male Princess


New Court Docs Blow Massive Hole in Moore Accuser’s Story

Virginia: Muslims Call For Force To Be Used Against “Infidels” To Accept The Koran

Liberal says it’s OK to Destroy Innocent Men to Accomplish Feminist Goals

How to Beat Your Wife (MUST WATCH)

Disgusting! Twitter Explodes Over “Gaytivity” Set with Two Josephs:

Ominous: Putin holds summit with Iranian & Turkish leaders to strengthen anti-Western alliance, discuss next steps in Syria. Trouble for Israel



The Latest Attack on Christmas

Most of the articles from the past few weeks can be described by the word “DISGUSTING.” For every positive article, there are ten telling the story of the disgusting agenda of the left in its campaign to re-make America. I honestly believe President Trump wants to make America great again, and I honestly believe America’s left would delighted to make America into a Sodom and Gomorrah. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, no-sexuals, multi-sexuals, kinda-sexuals, evolving-sexuals, and whatever else is out there would be free to practice their perversions, and bisexual men would be free grope and fondle at will, especially if you’re an important public figure in entertainment, the media, or Washington politics.

This year we find that the war against Christmas has taken a new turn. In previous years, liberals have found the traditional public Christmas displays to be offensive, non-inclusive, and unconstitutional. This year we are seeing a new tactic-embracing the displays, but making some “modifications.”

¬†Granted, many of our Christmas displays are so commercialized that the real meaning gets lost, but the nativity scenes, however inaccurate (the wise men showed up later, not at the manger), attempt to keep the sacred meaning of Christmas intact. This latest attack, presenting two Josephs, is a shameful mockery of the Christian message. It’s hard to imagine sinking lower than this, but just wait. It’s coming. This kind of debauchery knows no bounds.

It’s hard to imagine how bad things will be for our children and grandchildren, so they must be prepared. How should we prepare them? By raising them according to the truth, the inerrant Word of God. They need to so familiar with the word that they recognize error and false teaching wherever it shows its ugly head. They also need to have such an intimate and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ that they recognize anything that is from the enemy, just as bank tellers learn to recognize counterfeit bills by becoming familiar with the real thing.

Let’s do what we can this Christmas to spread the truth to our younger family members so they aren’t taken in by the lies the left is trying so hard to make “acceptable.”



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