1192. Weekly News + We are at War

Our enemies within and without are at war with us. It’s time to enter the battle. Continue reading

1086. Shariah: Recommendations

Recommendations have been made for combating the push to impose Shariah Law on Americans. Continue reading

1082. Shariah-Required Corrective Action

Definite steps must be taken to combat the the infusion of Shariah into our American legal system. Continue reading

876. Massive Corruption Revealed

Massive political corruption exposed by Wikeleaks and more Continue reading

874. While Hurricane Matthew Churned…

Here’s what else happened while Hurricane Matthew was pounding the east coast. Continue reading

841. Another Muslim Joins Homeland Security

Obama has appointed an American-Hating Muslim who rejoiced over the 9/11 attacks to a key Homeland Security post. Continue reading

315. Will We Ever Learn?

Will we ever learn? Continue reading

314. Muslim Brotherhood Demands Continued Funding from U.S.

This issue looks at new biblical evidence, more U.S. pressure on Israel while cutting funding, the assassination attempts on Israeli officials,and more. Continue reading

312. More Mid-East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

More Middle East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Continue reading

304. Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings

Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings Continue reading