312. More Mid-East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

More Middle East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Continue reading

310. The Importance of Literary Context

The Importance of Literary Context in understanding the Bible Continue reading

140. Pakistani Radicals Call for Death

This edition covers a rally in Pakistan in which radicals call for the death of those wanting to change the nation’s blasphemy laws. Continue reading

44. Amazing First Temple Discovery

This issue reports on a Hamas leader’s son’s conversion to Christianity, an amazing First Temple archaeological find, more. Continue reading


Christian Friends of Israel (Jerusalem) reports that their distribution center is preparing for an influx of Jewish immigrants into Israel and their distribution center. They are expecting to be flooded with newcomers in a way they have not experienced since the early 1990s. Continue reading

3. Messianic Jews

This issue contains some background information regarding Jewish believers in Jesus and the struggles they face today, some perspective on why followers of Islam feel the way they do toward the U.S., and some help in using hyphens in your writing. Continue reading