318. The Marks of an Apostle

What is a true apostle, and do they exist today? Continue reading

310. The Importance of Literary Context

The Importance of Literary Context in understanding the Bible Continue reading

308. Israel’s Air Superiority in Doubt

This issue looks at the latest outbreaks of anti-Semitism, Israel’s diminishing air superiority, Iran’s latest tricks to circumvent sanctions, and the dangers developing in Syria. Continue reading

307. It is the Last Hour

What does the Bible mean when it says, “It is the Last Hour?” Continue reading

146. Beware of the New NIV Bible

This issue looks at the problems with the new NIV Bible. Continue reading

131. Why a Blood Sacrifice?

This issue looks at the biblical reason for a blood sacrifice in the Bible. Continue reading

3. Messianic Jews

This issue contains some background information regarding Jewish believers in Jesus and the struggles they face today, some perspective on why followers of Islam feel the way they do toward the U.S., and some help in using hyphens in your writing. Continue reading