313. E-Books Available at Rock Bottom Prices

E-books Now Available at Rock Bottom Prices Continue reading

311. 200,000 Weapons Pointed at Israeli Citizens

This issue looks at the weapons currently pointed at Israel, the U.N. Secretary General’s “welcome” by Palestinians, and more. Continue reading

308. Israel’s Air Superiority in Doubt

This issue looks at the latest outbreaks of anti-Semitism, Israel’s diminishing air superiority, Iran’s latest tricks to circumvent sanctions, and the dangers developing in Syria. Continue reading

307. It is the Last Hour

What does the Bible mean when it says, “It is the Last Hour?” Continue reading

147. Mosques Aid Egypt’s Uprising

This edition examines Israel’s welcoming of Ethiopian Jews, Secretary Clinton’s latest snub of Israel and more. Continue reading

49. Beheading Planned by Saudis

Israel’s resistance to U.S. demands regarding construction in Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia’s plans (according to Shariah Law) to behead a man charged with sorcery. Continue reading


Christian Friends of Israel (Jerusalem) reports that their distribution center is preparing for an influx of Jewish immigrants into Israel and their distribution center. They are expecting to be flooded with newcomers in a way they have not experienced since the early 1990s. Continue reading

3. Messianic Jews

This issue contains some background information regarding Jewish believers in Jesus and the struggles they face today, some perspective on why followers of Islam feel the way they do toward the U.S., and some help in using hyphens in your writing. Continue reading