1170. Weekly News + The Power of Two or Three

Frustrated by this week’s news? Followers of Jesus Christ have more power to change things than they realize. Continue reading

946. Weekly News + “Destined to Devotion”

Our devotion to Jesus must offset the world’s bad news.
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942. Weekly News + Identifying the Enemy

This week’s news plus¬†some help in identifying our weaknesses where Satan usually attacks Continue reading

940. Weekly News + “How do I know it’s from God?”

This week’s news plus some help in determining if the voice you’re hearing in a noisy and violent world is from you or from God¬† Continue reading

934. Weekly News + “God Wants Us”

This week’s news plus a look at God’s and our motivations Continue reading

930. Weekly News + Deadly Ideas

This week’s news plus a discussion of the lies we have believed Continue reading