1311. Walking in the Spirit

Today we’ll look at the connection between the Ten Commandments and the call to walk in the Spirit. Continue reading

1301. From Bondage to Brotherhood

A biblical example that serves a a great model for us regarding forgiveness and restoration Continue reading

1285. Why am I Still Struggling?

If you are a Christian who is still battling the same old things, here’s hope. Continue reading

1221. The Blood and the Cross

Living the victorious Christian life is easier when we understand the difference between the blood and the cross. Continue reading

1185. A Work in Progress?

Do you see your Christian life as a work in progress? It’s really not and it’s great news for those who are struggling to measure up. Continue reading

926. Easter & the Cup of Redemption

Learn the link between Easter and Passover and the importance of the cup of redemption. Continue reading