1369. Sanctified then Sent

Be careful before you ask God to send you into the mission field. If He hasn’t sanctified you, you’re not ready. Continue reading

1335. NOT I BUT CHRIST Part 11

The book of Romans tells us how to reign as kings today, regardless of what’s happening to us or around us. Continue reading

1331. NOT I BUT CHRIST Part 9

The result of surrendering to Christ is great joy. You should try it. Continue reading


If you feel like you’re repeatedly losing the battle against sin, there’s a solution. Continue reading

1295. The Joy of Yielding

When we finally realize that running our own lives is just making things worse, submitting to Jesus brings incredible joy. Continue reading

1265. Christian vs Islamic Surrender

The meaning of surrender within Christianity and Islam couldn’t be more different. Continue reading

1197. We Are His

We have been bought back. What does this look like? Read on. Continue reading